AOVO W Pro GPS Drone

AOVO GPS Drone W Pro With 4K Camera For Adults and Beginners

AOVO W Pro GPS Drone is a good choice for both professionals and beginners. With stunning 4K resolution for photos and videos, you can even use it for amateur photography works. The camera’s vertical angle can be adjusted from 0 to 90° from the remote controller. This kind of flexibility allows you to choose a perfect view all the time. Besides, the field of view of this drone is 120°, which is quite wide and it can capture a lot of background in your photos and videos. The real reason why people buy the AOVO GPS drone is because of the camera quality. It takes 3840*2160P photos, capturing color and other features in vivid detail. In addition, it captures stunning videos when you take them in good lighting. You get real-time video transmission with a range of up to 600 meters. Connect your smartphone to your drone and see what it can see as it flies.

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It is a GPS refinement drone. This means that the GPS system records the position of the quadcopter all the time. Don’t worry about losing the drone, because the GPS system will record its operating location, you can check its last position on the APP and find it easily. Flight functions make the AOVO W Pro quadcopter easy to fly for beginners.

By design, this is a foldable drone and provided with portable packaging. Therefore carrying and storing it is much easier. When you fold it, it measures 4.5 by 6.9 by 3.1 inches. The main motor and all accessories are included in one carrying case, which is good for storage and protection. When unfolded, it measures 11.2 by 8.8 by 3.1 inches. The hull material is ABS plastic which is light in weight and it protects the interior electronic parts of the drone.
With a weight of 520g, you will have to register this quadcopter with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the USA before you can fly it.

When it comes to the battery and the flight time, AOVO has really exceeded expectations. The voltage is quite high at 11.4 Volts. This is close to what you get with a car battery. Therefore, the drone can fly longer and more powerfully. With a high capacity of 2500mAh, this battery lasts a long time, giving you a flight time of 30 minutes. You can take more videos and photos. You can buy one or two spare batteries to increase your flight time. The charging time for this battery is 5 hours. This is fair if you are going to get 30 minutes of flight time.

The motors of this quadcopter are brushless. Equipped with aviation propellers for high aerodynamic efficiency, brushless motor is quieter and of longer life than brushed motor. They last a long time and they offer excellent performance all the time. They are not as loud as the brushed motors. In addition, they require minimal care and maintenance.

AOVO W Pro also has many flight assist functions:
Intelligent return home: Whenever the battery is low, the signal is lost or the return key is pressed, the drone will always return automatically.
One-key takeoff / GPS keep landing: Once unlocked, just control with one key for taking off and landing in the APP, it’s easy to operate even for beginners. Its flight position will be completely locked by GPS.
Stable hover: The drone adopts a double stable system, which enables it to hover much stable.
Points of Interest: The drone will record its flight position the moment you enter this function as the point of interest. The drone will now continuously circle clockwise around the preset point. You can make a creative shooting.
Follow me: The drone locks onto you and follows you wherever you go, keeping a respectable distance all the time. If you move fast, it increases its speed and slows down when you reduce speed. It takes good footage as it follows you.
Waypoint flight: Draw a line on the map to create a path, the drone will fly along the path according to the points connected on the map. And it can record beautiful scenery along the path.

You can engage these functions so that the drone flies hands-free while you concentrate on taking high-quality footage.
5G WI-FI traffic transmission and application control
Just control the shutter button through the app, you could save the scenery and share it quickly. You may experience how fantastic it is by 5G WI-FI transmission.
You can store your footage in your smartphone or buy a TF card and insert it in the provided slot. We prefer the latter because TF cards support higher-resolution footage. This aircraft supports TF cards of up to 64GB. It is not provided so you would have to buy it separately.
As a 2.GHz frequency controller, there is zero to minimal latency in the connection. The drone responds to commands immediately. Even at the maximum flight range of 1000 meters, the drone still responds to commands promptly.

If you are a complete newbie, use this drone in beginner mode until you figure out how it flies. In this mode, the quadcopter is restricted to 30 meters radius and 30 meters in height. If you are an advanced user, choose a clear space without people, animals, trees, or buildings so that you can try for long-range flight. However, it is never a good idea to fly your quadcopter out of your sight.

What You Get: 1 x AOVO W Pro drone | 1 x 11.4V 2500mAH Batteries | 1 x Carrying Shell Case | 1 x Transmitter | 1 x User Manual | 1 x USB Cable | 1 x Screwdriver | 4 x Extra Propeller Blades

Main Features
4K photo resolution
90°Adjustable 120°FOV Camera
30 mins Max Flight Time
1000M/3280FT Max Control range
600M/1968FT Max HD Video Transmission
Fast Charging: About 5 hours of charging time(5V=2A)
Easy operation丨Foldable & Flexible丨Level 7 wind resistance
GPS Hold Function: More stable than ANY Other Hold Function Outdoors.
A well-fitted carrying case makes it easy to take the drone.

Some Tips:
Max Supported TF Card: 64GB (Not included)
Compatible Phone: Dual-Band WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz).
FAA requires registration of this drone flown in the US.

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Product Features & Highlights

• Stunning 4K Ultra HD pictures and 4k videos with amazing clarity, deep contrast and vivid colors.
• A 120° FOV lens and the 90°adjustable camera can leave you unforgettable moments.
• AOVO W Pro is equipped with an upgraded 11.4V, 2500mAh intelligent battery (Longer Battery Life).
• Above Battery can provide up to 30 minutes of flight time and takes about 5 hours for charging.
• The control distance of 2.4GHZ transmitter can reach 1000 meters.
• The brushless motor reduces its power consumption, it will bring you more fun!
• The drone can achieve long-distance of 400 meters to 600 meters of Live Video Transmission.
• The longest image transmission distance can be 600 meters(1968FT) (Outdoor and unobstructed).
• Aovo W Pro can hover steadily to catch clearer images and return to home accurately.
• It’s a Multi-Feature & Function drone with Auto Return, FPV, TapFly, Headless Mode, One Key Take Off/Landing.
• Just press one key – Easier for novices and beginners to fly this drone.
• AOVO offers 30 days off return or exchange and 90 days free warranty.

Last update was on: August 2, 2021 12:46 am

  1. this is the first drone i’ve owned and i found out how easy it to operate, youtube instructions are a great help. I do a lot of dispersed camping and to find sites that are easy to get to this is the perfect fit. I live near the beach in florida and i can fly over the beach to see how crowded it is. I can’t wait to go out west again this spring to try this out. I also do a lot of rockhounding and i can find old mines without having to walk all over the place to locate them, i’ll be able to fly over and then find them. great product great price.

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