Hulk Smash Car – Marvel Avengers XPV RC Vehicle

Marvel Avengers XPV Remote Control  Hulk Smash Car

The Hulk Smash remote control toy is fun for both kids and adults! You can arrange Hulk’s arms in a variety of positions, and every time you do, it will affect how the car moves around. Don’t worry if the car tips over, though, because you can use the controls to swing his arms around in a circle to get upright again.

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September 11, 2020 5:31 am
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A child will really like it because of the fact that this is able to withstand crashing into whatever gets in its way. No doubt that Hulk Smash Car will be on many Christmas or birthday wish lists.

Your child will love to perform extreme driving tricks with this Marvel XPV RC toy. The RC sends Hulk smashing, flipping, spinning and performing quick wheelies while playing 10 different sounds. Phrases from your little one’s favorite Bruce Banner alter ego. Adjust the arms into eight positions to execute smashing actions that can knock over obstacles or enable Hulk to blast through them. If the Hulk Smash Car tips over, Hulk uses his ultimate Avenger power to re-position his ride back into the driving position.

Some kids get frustrated when their RC vehicles flip over and have to be returned to an upright position. An over-turned Hulk is not a problem with this toy! Hulk Smash Car is able to get back up on his own, thanks to his spinning arms.

Many reviews suggest that kids are going absolutely bananas for this toy! They love all the flips and spins that it does. They also like how easy the controls are to use. This is good because the toy is aimed at younger children who won’t have the patience for complicated controls.

Skills Taught By Hulk Smash Car

Comprehension – This toy teaches comprehension skills because children need to be able to interpret that the way they move the controller. This results in specific actions by the vehicle.

Evaluation – This toy teaches evaluation skills because kids need to evaluate how they are going to move the controller if they want Hulk to move in a certain way.
Memory – This toy teaches memory skills because children need to remember how the controller works to make Hulk move and do certain actions.
Motor Skills – This toy teaches fine motor skills as they use the controller.
Reasoning – This toy teaches reasoning skills as they decide how to move the controller and Hulk simultaneously.
Responsibility – Hulk Smash Car teaches responsibility skills because this is a toy that can be broken if it isn’t properly cared for. I.E. If it is being played with in the street it could be run over and destroyed by a car if a child isn’t careful.

Product Highlights of Hulk Smash Car

The Hulk’s power is in your hands.
Remote control navigates Hulk’s vehicle.
Control the Hulk’s vehicle with smashes, flips, spins and wheelies.
Plays 10 Hulk phrases and sounds.
Gets back into driving position after tipping over.
Hulk Smash Car can go through obstacles or knock them over with his swinging arms.
Adjust Hulk’s arms into eight different positions for different smashing actions.
Hulk self-rights when turned over and has 8-way adjustable arms.
Marvel Hulk smash figure requires 8 AA batteries (6 AA batteries included).
Enjoyed by kids and adult fans alike.
XPV means Extreme Performance Vehicles.
The suggested age range for this toy is 4 years old and up.
Warning: Not suited for kids under 3 years old.

What’s Included

Marvel XPV Remote Control Hulk Smash Car and Remote control.

in stock
September 11, 2020 5:31 am
Last update was on: September 11, 2020 5:31 am

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