Candylocks Doll

Candylocks 7-Inch Straw Mary, Sugar Style Deluxe Doll

Candylocks Doll (Straw Mary, Sugar Style) Scented Deluxe doll has 12-inches of easy-to-style cotton candy-inspired hair! Available in Straw Mary and Lacey Lemonade. They are collectible dolls and you swap their outfits! So collect both.

Last update was on: September 20, 2020 10:34 pm

Each doll comes with themed accessories, plus a hair extension and hair chalk for you and your doll to wear!

These deluxe 7-inch dolls smell like either Strawberries (Straw Mary) or Lemonade (Lacey Lemonade) sold separately. Each doll’s dress & accessories match their own themes! You can create customized looks with their hair accessories! The unique texture of Candylocks’ cotton-like candy-inspired hair is easy to style. It holds its shape and doesn’t fall apart easily. Create handmade twirly-swirly twists, sugar-high ponytails, doll-icious buns and more – the possibilities are endless! Inside the packaging, you’ll find straw Mary’s three accessories to customize her look: A strawberry hairpin accessory; hair chalk to add color; and a cotton candy hair extension for straw Mary to wear and for you as well! There are so many scent-sational ways to style straw Mary! For even more Candylocks hair play fun, add the lacey lemonade sugar style doll to your Candylocks collection! Straw Mary and Lacey lemonade’s outfits are removable and easily interchangeable! Bring home strawberry sweetness with the Candylocks straw Mary sugar style doll!

Highlights of Candylocks Doll

• This 7-inch deluxe doll smells like strawberries and she has 12-inches of super cotton-soft candy hair!
• Straw Mary wears a fun strawberry dress and theme matching shoes. Create customized looks with her hair accessories!
• The unique texture of Candylocks’ cotton-like candy-inspired hair makes it easy to style.
• The hairstyle holds its shape and doesn’t come apart.
• Create braids, buns, twists, and ponytails – the possibilities are almost endless!
• The included hair chalk lets you customize and add color to Straw Mary’s hair, or even your own hair.
• You can interchange Straw Mary’s outfit with Lacey Lemonade’s (sold separately).
• Insert the strawberry into her hair, use the hair chalk, and clip in the hair extension. The hair extension can be used in your own hair too!
• Candylocks make a great gift for ages 5 and up
• Pack Includes: 1 Candylocks Doll, 3 Accessories, 1 Collector Poster

Last update was on: September 20, 2020 10:34 pm

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