Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker From Cool Maker with 12 Customizable Extensions

Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker brings the salon home and has all the tools you need to create and style your own hair extensions: hair ribbons and markers, a heatless curling wand, hair rollers, a spray bottle and more! Design, transform and style trendy hair extensions with this fun DIY studio set!

Last update was on: October 25, 2020 7:52 am

Choose a colored or patterned hair ribbon, design any way you want with the included markers and load the ribbon into the machine. Press the button and the motorized Hollywood Hair Extension Maker magically transforms your hair ribbon into a super cute wearable hair extension! Next, style your extension your way. With a heatless curling wand and two attachments, you can create so many camera-ready styles.

Fill the spray bottle with water and spray to set tight curls, loose beach waves, glamorous Hollywood curls or a sleek and straight look! Add a hair clip and wear your trendy hair extension, then create more styles to share with your squad!

To create even more unique hairstyles like a crown braid, double buns and more, look for the Hollywood Hair Party Pop and Starstruck Refills (each sold separately)! Customize your look from head to toe with the Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker, 2-in-1 KumiKreator and Go Glam Nail Salon (each sold separately)! Bring the salon home and create endless looks with the Cool Maker Hair Extension set! It’s easy for kids to create and change their look without damaging their real hair and so much fun to do their own extensions! When you’re finished styling, conveniently store everything in the base of the machine.

Product Features & Highlights

• The Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker has everything you need to design 12 stylish hair extensions!
• Choose from colored or patterned ribbons and customize with the markers!
• Load your ribbon into the machine, push the button and watch ribbon transforms into a super cute hair extension.
• You can share your magical hair extension designs with your friends!
• With a heatless curling wand, rollers, spray bottle and hair clips, express your style your way!
• Create tight curls, beachy waves, Hollywood curls or sleek straight hair!
• This Hair Extension Maker is a DIY hair fashion kit for kids aged 8 and up.
• Create and style endless looks with Hollywood Hair!
• Recommended Age: Suitable for 8 years & above. 2 AA batteries not included.
• Includes: 1 Hollywood Hair Extension Maker, 12 Hair Extensions, 1 Curling Wand Bottom, 2 Hair Rollers, 5 Hair Clips, 2 Markers, 2 Extension Holders, 1 Spray Bottle, 1 Playbook

Last update was on: October 25, 2020 7:52 am

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