Cozy Dozy Koala

Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy Koala Bear With Over 25 Sounds and Reactions

Cozy Dozy Koala is the super soft and interactive cuddly Koala bear that is so playful and the perfect bedtime buddy. Kip the Koala responds to being tickled on its tummy and patted on its head.

Last update was on: November 23, 2020 10:41 am

Place the pacifier in his mouth, he will start sucking and close his eyes and you will hear him fall gently to sleep! Remove his pacifier and he will open his eyes and make cute sounds! Scratch Kip’s belly and make him giggle. The more times you tickle him, the longer he’ll laugh! Kip loves cuddles! There’s a soft warm blanket included to lovingly wrap around your bear and a toy pacifier to help soothe Kip to sleep. So soft and cuddly, Kip is a dream to be with. He is interactive and has over twenty-five sounds and responses, including open and closing eyes!

Meet Kip, The Cozy Dozy Koala Bear who loves being as snug as a bear in a blanket! He loves to play during the day but come bedtime he loves to listen to the bedtime story being read. However he never gets to hear the ending as Kip has fallen asleep before the end! Zzzz
You can take Kip the Koala anywhere with you… the perfect daytime and story time companion! Comes with 2 x AA demonstration batteries.

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Product Features & Highlights

Little Live Pets Kip the Koala is Super soft for perfect cuddles!
• Kip responds to your touch. He adores tummy tickles or head patting!
• Place Kip’s pacifier in his mouth and watch Kip fall asleep!
• Tickle him and he’ll close his eyes and start to giggle!
• It is interactive and has over 25 different sounds and reactions!
• Wrap Kip up in his blanket & soothe him to sleep!
• Includes 1 Koala Bear, Pacifier, Blanket and Instructions.
• Perfect for cuddles and bedtime stories!
• Includes 2 X AA demonstration batteries.
• Recommended Age 4+
• Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years

Last update was on: November 23, 2020 10:41 am

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