Dragon Touch DF01G Foldable GPS Drone

Dragon Touch Foldable GPS Drone DF01G with FPV 1080P HD Camera & Multi-Features.

Dragon Touch DF01G Foldable GPS Drone is a mid-range drone But it can do way more than a toy drone. So both in specs and price, it stands between the two extremes. It has a stable hover and can take pretty good quality photos and videos. The DF01G is an updated version of the Dragon Touch DF01. It has an improved GPS, and safety features like auto-return, battery, and range alarm. So it became safer. Besides this, it has improved features on the inside as well.

Why Choose Dragon Touch DF01G Drone?
1. DF01G GPS drone features a 1080P HD camera with a 120° ultra-wide-angle lens.
FPV transmission range of 328ft allows you to connect with the 2.4G remote control and upload content to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and elsewhere at any time.
2.Accurate built-in GPS and one-key return.
This means you don’t have to worry about losing your drone.
3.APP-assisted operation settings are adjustable.
Perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. Have fun with the intelligent flight functions; make your drone fly around in circles or fly along a set path.
4.Free carrying case included in the package means you’ll have no trouble taking your drone out on your next adventure.

Multi Features & Functions

The drone is equipped with an HD 1080P camera. These can provide you with nice and sharp images, and videos. The lens on the camera is wide-angled, with a total range of view of 120 degrees. The drone also has FVP (first-person video) transmission using your mobile phone. The video transmission range is 382 feet.

GPS Follow Me Mode
You just simply select a moving object like a car or a walking person, and the drone will lock on that and follow the whole time. Free your hands to take selfies or shots of the surrounding scenery which you can share on social media.

Custom Flight Path
Simply draw a flight path on the app control interface; the aircraft will automatically fly along the trajectory and show you a real-time view.

Headless Mode
Engage headless mode to get the aircraft to align its direction according to the position of the pilot. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the direction the aircraft faces even when it is out of your sight.

Surround Mode
Open the app and select a location on the map as a point of interest. Pinpoint three positions and let the drone fly in a circle around your selected point of interest.

Auto Return to Home
The most important thing in any drone is the presence of GPS. This will help in the positioning, and the app can follow the drone more precisely. Low battery or weak or lost signal for more than 6 seconds means your drone will automatically return to within 10ft of its starting point. Or return with the tap of the Return button.

Anti-wind System
The streamlined design reduces air resistance and effectively increases flight time. Your drone will remain stable even in relatively windy conditions, ensuring stable photos and videos.

Long Battery Life
Get up to 18 minutes of smooth flight time when the 7.4V/1200mAh large capacity modular battery is fully charged. Charging takes only 2 hours.

Altitude and Speed Monitoring
Current flight altitude and speed will be displayed on the app in real-time, ensuring the aircraft is at a safe distance at all times.

Background Music Selection
This is another great feature that requires the app. After each recording, you can edit your footage by adding music to the fundal. On the original sound, you will only hear the motors. But this way you can add captive music and instantly share it on social media platforms.

Dragon Touch DF01G Foldable GPS Drone is easy to store and transport. The whole drone is coated in a shiny black color. The external shell is made out of ABS plastic. This material is strong enough to protect the drone from crushes. But it’s not that well-sealed so you should keep it away from dust or water. Overall, the drone weighs 187g. This is good news because you won’t have to register it to the FAA if you live in the northern part of America.

What’s in the Box: Drone *1 | Screwdriver *1 | Propeller A *2 | Propeller B *2 | Propeller Guards *4 | USB Charging Cable *1 | Remote Control *1 | Drone Battery *1 | User Manual *1

Special Notes:
Requires iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or later.
Please fly in an open and GPS covered area.
Propeller guards protect people, property, and the drone itself.
Be sure to check local laws and regulations before flying.

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Product Features & Highlights

• Dragon Touch DF01G Foldable GPS Drone is equipped with an FPV 1080P HD camera.
• 120° ultra-wide-angle lens lets you capture more stunning scenery.
• The air pressure altitude hold feature enables the drone to hover stably, captures clearer photos and videos.
• With a transmission range of 382ft, it can transmit real-time FPV view to the new generation two-way 2.4G remote control.
• Taken images & videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media networks at any time.
• The Drone/ Quadcopter will automatically return whenever low on battery, loses signal, or whenever you want it by a tap of a button.
• Equipped with 4 propeller guards to protect fuselage in case of collision.
• One Key Takeoff/Landing, Headless Mode, Emergency Stop, and 3-speed settings – fly, land, control speeds with a tap of a button.
• DF01G drone can automatically follow you, fly around a targeted object in circles, or fly along a customized path.
• LED lights at the bottom of the fuselage make the aircraft look cool and colorful.
• The default settings in the app are for beginners.
• With the app, you can adjust flight distance and altitude value, monitor the flying altitude and speed in real-time.
• You can also pick the background music for each video before or after shooting it.
• Dragon Touch DF01G Foldable GPS Drone weighs only 187g, foldable, easier to transport, and comes with a free carrying case.

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