Fisher Price Launch and Loop Raceway

Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop Raceway Vehicle Playset for toddlers, preschoolers.

Fisher-Price Launch and Loop Raceway laps up fun with multiple tracks that send vehicles soaring down, zooming through corkscrew turns, flying through loops as they approach the crash zone! What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:18 pm

High-speed fun starts at the top, where your little ones can place the racing vehicles into the starting position and launch ’em to start the race! As they zip down the track, they might meet in the middle and collide, sending both cars flyin’!

This action-Packed vehicle playset features three-speed tracks and multiple stunts, including a Hot Wheels loop-the-loop, a jump ramp, and a drop-through trap door, plus cool lights and sounds to bring the racing action to life. Toddlers can use the double car launcher to send cars racing down the track at the same time, where they could pass each other to continue down separate paths or crash into each other for an awesome smashing finale.

This Little People Launch & Loop Raceway features cool lights and sounds to start the race and rev up the fun! Between races, take a test run down the looping track and watch the racers defy gravity and catch some serious air. If you’re looking for a great racetrack for preschoolers, you’ve just found it. They’ll love the colors, excitement, and fun of sending racers down the tracks and through the course!

Where development comes into play
Motor Skills: Grasping moving cars, engaging activities around, help strengthen dexterity & co-ord.
Security & Happiness: Figuring out how to launch, race & crash vehicles helps kids feel accomplished
Motor Skills: Reaching to place vehicles on launcher & chasing after the cars get kids moving.

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Product Features & Highlights

• The playset features multiple tracks, a Hot Wheels orange loop, and a crash zone.
• The playset is Toddler & Preschooler friendly.
• Cool lights and sounds to bring the racing action to life.
Fisher-Price Launch and Loop Raceway come with 2 Wheelies vehicles.
• With double car launchers, kids can send multiple cars zooming down the track at the same time.
• Race down the track, Cars can either crash, drop through the trap door, or continue down the spiral track or jump ramp!
• Vehicles can be easily stored on the playset.
• Collect additional Wheelies vehicles for more exciting racing action! (Each sold separately)
• Recommended for toddler and preschool ages 18 months – 5 years old.

Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:18 pm