FurReal Mighty Roar Simba – Interactive Disney Lion King Plush Toy

FurReal Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy with 100+ Sound-and-Motion Combinations

The Disney Lion King FurReal Mighty Roar Simba interactive plush toy embodies all the fun, charm, and humor of animation’s most famous lion cub. Now he can come along with you on All-new adventures! Roar at each other (who’s the loudest?), play together and give him his treat (you may prefer, umm, a different snack for yourself!). Be sure to give your pride lands pal lots of hugs… after all, even a King likes to be cuddled!

FurReal Simba is a cuddly and courageous young cub: Simba can’t wait to be king. He is eager to show you just how powerful he will be by roaring as loud as he can. He’s got a cuddly side too and loves getting a big hug from you!

So many sound-and-motion combinations: Mighty Roar Simba responds to touch and sounds with 100+ sound-&-motion combinations! He can move his head, eyes, ears, mouth, legs, & tail (his back legs are poseable, too), and makes lots of fun sounds. He also says lots of fun phrases from the movie!

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FurReal’s newest edition in 2020 is Mama Josie The Kangaroo.
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FurReal Mighty Roar Simba Features

It responds to touch and sound with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations
He can move his head, eyes, ears, mouth, legs, & tail, and makes lots of fun movie sounds
Simba loves to say phrases from the movie, challenge you to roaring contests, and lean back to show you he’s ready to play
Pat him on the head – who knows what he’ll say or do? Talk to him, roar at him, and watch him react!
Mighty Roar Simba responds when you feed him his grub on a stick (as he likes to say, “Slimy, yet satisfying!”
Pack includes FurReal Simba plush, play treat, and instructions.
Batteries required: 4 x C (not included)
Suitable for ages 4 & up

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