Grave Digger Freestyle Force from Monster Jam

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Freestyle Force, Remote Control 1:15 Scale Monster Truck Toy for Kids and Adults

Grave Digger Freestyle Force is a 1:15 scale remote control Monster Jam monster toy truck. This Grave Digger truck is the only RC car that allows you to perform front and rear wheelies while driving. It has impressive power. With this Ultimate Champion Edition truck, you can be the Monster Jam champ. Replicate & master 12+ stunts – Just like the live shows!

Last update was on: October 1, 2022 3:23 am

Thanks to Grave Digger’s revolutionary wheelie-balancing technology and dual optical sensors. This incredible 4-wheeled beast has an insane balance that lets you perform crazy stunts. It can perform nose and back wheelies (while driving), 360-degree spins, epic jumps, and much more!

The easy-to-use remote control has a 2.4GHz frequency, so you can control your Monster Jam truck from up to 200 feet away. It even has beginner and advanced modes. You can toggle between the modes that make it easy for fans of all ages to master stunts with the push of a button.

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Grave Digger Freestyle is play-ready in minutes, as long as you have two AAA batteries on hand. Use the left stick to drive the truck forward and backward, and the right stick to turn left and right. Depending on your experience with RC cars, this may take a little getting used to, but don’t worry, you’ll catch on quickly. If you want to correct your wheel alignment, just press up on the left stick and one of the two arrow buttons below the right stick, depending on the direction you need to straighten out your front wheels. This is useful to get reoriented after driving around like a maniac.

This exclusive Grave Digger has premium metallic chrome deco, special-edition styling, vivid color design, official BKT tires, and look-alike chassis. Controlling this Monster Jam RC is just like driving the real truck. It is a must-have car for any mini Monster Jammer. The Freestyle Force RC is USB rechargeable, so you can easily power up and continue the Monster Jam action without buying new batteries!
Grave Digger Freestyle Force from Monster Jam - images of performing front and rear wheelies Ad
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Grave Digger Freestyle Force Features and Highlights

• It uses revolutionary balancing tech and is a Full-function Remote controlled Monster truck
• With dual optical sensors, this is the only RC vehicle that allows you to drive while doing both nose and tail wheelies
• Replicate and master over 12 stunts – just like you’ve seen in the live shows!
• Toggle between the beginner & advanced modes. Even a young fan can do push-button stunts or go advanced for 100% power!
• Master your Freestyle Force stunts with precision and control! Wheelies, 360 spins, and epic jumps!
• The ultimate Grave Digger Freestyle Force RC in 1:15 scale
• Features premium metallic deco, special edition styling, vivid color design, official BKT tires, and look-alike chassis!
Monster Jam toys like the Grave Digger Freestyle Force RC are the ultimate toys for boys!
• Contents: 1 Grave Digger RC, 1 controller, and 1 instruction guide
• Suitable for grass, sand, and carpet use. Recommended age 4 years and up
• Batteries required: 2 x AAA batteries required for the controller ( not included)

Last update was on: October 1, 2022 3:23 am

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