Hot Wheels Augmoto Augmented Reality Racing Track Set FWK44

Mattel’s Hot Wheels Augmoto Racing Track Augmented Reality Set

Hot Wheels Augmoto Racing Track Set with is a futuristic racing platform. It uses technology to create an interactive display known as AR (Augmented Reality). Combining the gameplay of 1:64-scale electric cars and AR technology, this set lets kids race cars around the physical track. AR app adds in a loop of fire, hazardous oil spills, fireworks, strategic pit stops, and more. Road hazards and collisions can now look as cool as they do in your head. Each race becomes a lot more strategic.

Last update was on: May 2, 2021 2:02 am

Cars are placed in a mechanical launcher and shot onto the track to zoom around until they either reach the end or just run out of kinetic energy. There’s not a lot of skill or strategy is needed in winning a race.
Players control the race from an app but unlike Hot Wheels AI, they aren’t driving the vehicle directly. Instead, they control the track via a Bluetooth connection. Players can recharge the car and switch the track using the app but they can’t control its speed or direction. Each car has a tiny motor to make that turns the wheels. One fully charged Car can do around 40 laps before it runs out of power. If the car starts to slow down, the player can make an emergency stop and charge for up to 30 seconds. That may not seem like a lot but as each lap only takes two seconds to complete, your opponents gain a pretty big lead.

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Other key feature of the track is a pair of silver loops-the-loops. They certainly look cool and it’s fun to watch cars go through them. They are also important to the AR experience. If the player times is right they can switch their car to the loop. This is a very narrow opportunity, so it’s easy to miss the chance. The app grants them a virtual attack to use against their opponent.

The in-app rockets work a lot like the shells in Mario Kart, inflicting oil slicks and fires. The starting gate hold the affected vehicle in place until the driver plays a related mini-game on their device. The games are very simple. It’s usually asking the player to perform simple tasks like tapping the screen to put a fire out. Virtual hazards aren’t the only ones a player has to deal with. Like any other Hot Wheels track, there’s a chance, the car flying off on its own.

The app registers whenever the real car passes through the starting gate. It removes the racer from the virtual track when it fails to complete a lap within a few seconds. To get back to the game, the car needs to be dropped back into the starting gate again. The set is getting lots of attraction since its release and now in the top seller list for 2018.

Hot Wheels Augmoto Highlights

Next generation of smart racing – Integrates gaming and augmented reality (AR)
Massive track is over 6-feet wide with banked curves and crossover double loop
Set comes with 2 high-speed electric-powered 1:64 scale Hot Wheel cars
Use your smart-device to race and battle opponents – compatible with selected Android & iOS devices.
Augmented reality brings action to life with explosions, fireworks, and cheering crowds
Free app with gamified tutorials! Download from Apple

This is another great addition by Hot Wheels after the CorkScrew Crash Track release this year.

Last update was on: May 2, 2021 2:02 am

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