Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire

Monster Trucks Stunt Tire Playset by Hot Wheels Opens To Reveal Arena With A Big Launcher

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire is an impressive playset. It opens to reveal a 35-inch+ stunting arena and Launcher for Hot Wheels cars and Monster Trucks! It opens to reveal an insane, over-the-top stunt arena for crashing, smashing and storing!

Last update was on: September 20, 2021 11:58 am

The playset comes with a slam launcher which can fit-in either 2 Hot Wheels diecast cars or 1 Hot Wheels Monster Truck, for your epic stunts and crashes! When launched, the vehicle toys fly up a ramp and through the ring of fire! The vehicle must land on a platform which will flip into the winner’s circle and rate their performance. The score board rates each performance with 3 different recognisable emojis.

When assembled Hot Wheels set is looks super-cool! The oversized tyre includes the iconic Hot Wheels Monster Truck of Tiger Shark, and one Hot Wheels diecast car.

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Stunt Tire Hot Wheels provide an opportunity for kids to fuel their imagination for hours of fun.​ Launch into action with this awesome Stunt Tire Playset from the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks range.
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire Playset and other Hot Wheels Tracks & vehicles

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire Features and Highlights

• Opens to reveal a 35+ inches long stunt kids will be excited to play with
• Slam launcher at the start fits either two Hot Wheels 1:64 scale cars or one Monster Truck
• Launch one after the other for epic crashing action
• The oversized monster truck tire playset includes a handle so you can bring it with you
• Once launched the vehicles fly up a ramp and through a “ring of fire” midway down the set
• Kids can score the stunt by performing a flip and landing in the winner’s circle
• The scoreboard comes with 3 emojis so kids can rate each other’s performances
• The set also includes 2 crushed cars that kids can stack up for more ways to play
• Connects to other Hot Wheels arena’s or tracks for amping up the action
• There are little pegs in the set to stand them up
• Great set for hours of fun that easily folds up to take On-the-Go
• Stunt Tire Playset includes the Long arena with a launcher, ring, scoreboard, 1 toy monster truck, 1 Hot Wheels vehicle, and pegs
• Great for kids ages 4 years and up

Last update was on: September 20, 2021 11:58 am

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