Jiashun Realistic Remote Control Snake Toy (Innovation Snake)

Jiashun (Innovation) Realistic Remote Control Snake Toy Fast Moving Simulation of Fake Rattlesnake USB Rechargeable (Black)

Jiashun Realistic Remote Control Snake Toy is a USB rechargeable Rattlesnake that can move forward, left & right. It is the first of its kind that a rattlesnake looks and moves exactly like a snake. The snake theme is based on the diamond-shaped rattlesnake. This kind is native to the eastern United States. It is the largest, most venomous, and has the longest fangs. When it sees danger, it can strike instantly at least one-third of its body length.

This Remote Control Snake Toy has extremely realistic curled fur movement and is quite likely to be mistaken for a live snake, only if the course sound of the wheels underneath weren’t there. As it moves, it gently puffs out its tongue, just as if it were real. The cats love it as it looks quite realistic whilst swaggering forward.

Just for the note, there is a little button close to the head but underneath the snake to turn it ON or OFF.

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It would be a hilarious gag gift for both children and adults, as Halloween pranks and other fun activities. At home, if your mom or dad is afraid of snakes, you can give them a joke. At a friend’s party, you can tease your friends that will leave them a good memory. At school, you’ll be able to surprise your friends and this will be the best toy for boring days.
On Halloween, this should be the first choice gift. Hide in a place out of sight and remotely control the snake to suddenly appear in front of a friend. This would be really scary and funny Halloween.
Jiashun Realistic Remote Control Snake Toy - Kids having a fun time with the RC snakes
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Jiashun Realistic Remote Control Snake Toy Features and Highlights

• Made of high-quality ABS material, environmental protection, non-toxic, no smell
• Children can play safely. Recommended for ages 6 and up
• Perfect kids gift for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, New Year
• The Snake Toy is about 16 inches long and has 22 segments
• Its segmented body has excellent sliding motion
• It moves very fast across a smooth floor with its tongue retractable
• Infrared remote control for 3 channels: forward, left, and right
• There are 3 different frequencies (A, B, C) available for playback
• If the frequency falls, switch to another channel and continue to press the frequency key until success
• Super realistic and fast-moving Rattlesnake RC toy
• The snake with meticulous skin texture, retractable tongue, and swinging tail
• It looks like a real snake that will make much more fun for party tricks as a prankster
• USB rechargeable. Use the attached USB charging cable to charge
• Charging time is about 40 minutes, playtime >;=15 minutes
• Battery-powered snake egg controller, with 3 buttons
• Use 3 button batteries for the remote controller
• The remote control distance of about 10M/40 inches.
• Note: It is not suitable for carpets with excessive resistance


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