Journey Girls Doll Kyla

Journey Girls 18″ Doll Kyla (Amazon Exclusive)

Journey Girls Doll Kyla is very pretty and comes wearing a very cute outfit. The doll is a great value comparing it to the big name brand dolls.

Last update was on: August 15, 2020 11:35 pm

She is 18 inches tall and made of vinyl and plastic. Kyla is more of a lighter shade of black. Kinda like a biracial color and she is a beautiful doll. Her body has a soft-feel, has beautiful hazel eyes and long eye-lashes. Kyla believes life is full of beauty and she uses her amazing travel experiences to help inspire her artistic talents.

She is elegant, stylish, honest and colorful and has long soft rooted hair. Face hand painted. But there are few things that you may not be too happy about – it doesn’t have “sleep eyes” when you lay her down (eyes do not close). Her arm and legs have limitations.

All journey girls’ arms move from the shoulder and legs from the hips. Legs not bendable at the knees. This is quite common with many other popular dolls as well. The doll comes with a pretty little self-closing handbag. Her outfits are well done, well detailed and stitches are very neat. Her top has velcro at the back, so easily removable when needed. The boots are removable so if you purchase the others in the collection you can swap the shoes and clothes too. Most Outfits from Our Generation doll should also fit Journey Girl dolls. Kyla can sit when propped. This doll has rather tight pants, so she needs more propping than most when dressed.

Kyla is a great quality doll and absolutely adorable. It’s also worth to know that there is a number of accessories available from journey girls (sold separately). The doll is perfect for imaginary play. It would make a great gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other celebration.

Last update was on: August 15, 2020 11:35 pm

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