Film Inspired Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue Interactive Dinosaur

Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue – Toy That Excites A Kid’s Imaginations

This fully interactive Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue velociraptor responds to commands and learns as kids train her. Mattel just may have the hottest tech toy of this year. This dinosaur features robotic and animatronic technology for lifelike movements.

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March 24, 2022 12:21 am
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It’s an interactive velociraptor you train with a remote-control clicker, similar to Pratt’s character in the Jurassic World movies. There are 4 modes of play include training mode, total control, guard mode, and R/C mode. Grab your controller. Study the attack combo. Hold up. Click-click-click. Swing wrist down.

There is built-in programming training game. The game requires you to master combos of clicking and moving your hand to level up your bond with Blue dinosaur. But you can also switch to other modes. Blue will sometimes randomly animate & growl like an alive dinosaur. She can guard your space to alert you when someone is near with motion sensors in her snout. It reacts to sound and petting on her nose and chin. You can take complete control to move her like a puppet.

Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue has several servo motors inside that offer precise movement of her neck, head and jaw. The controller joystick will control her mouth, shift her eyes left and right. It even manipulates how much her eyelids blink. Inaddition there’s plenty of that movie-quality raptor squawking, chirping and roaring fans want.

The radio-controlled mode can send Blue zipping around floors, swinging her tail back and forth as her hips sway with each step. The bottom wheels of her feet can keep movement smooth, making her sort of like a rollerblading dino.

On the underside of the toy you’ll find a power switch, a speaker that blasts out roars and other raptor-like sound effects and what appears to be a pair of inline skates customized for dinosaurs. They’re not for X-Games competitions, however. They’re actually part of the mechanism that allows Blue to turn her body and walk around.

You can also help build a bond with Blue by simply petting her snout, which is detected by embedded touch sensors. Over time Blue will get friendlier and more obedient, and while the process isn’t as difficult and tiring as teaching a puppy. Training Mode is definitely requires some patients But Blue is well worth its value.

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4 Play Modes of Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue

Training Mode: An accelerometer in the ‘clicker’ allows Blue to mimic your hand movements. You can also throw her imaginary treats which she will devour accordingly. There are two sensors on her snout and under the chin that will react to your petting. Blue’s behavior will improve as continue to ‘train’ her, but if you does not spend enough time with her, she will, like many real creatures in real life, forget what she has been taught.

Guard Mode: You can set Blue in a location and monitor movement. When any “prey” gets within a foot of her motion sensors, the controller will vibrate. Issue appropriate commands to warn intruders.

RC Mode: You can take control of Blue using the joystick function of the controller just like you would with a RC vehicle. You can get her to move forward, backward, and side to side.

Total Control Mode: In this mode, you can control Blue’s eyes, mouth and head movements – in addition to the controls found in the RC Mode.

out of stock
March 24, 2022 12:21 am
Last update was on: March 24, 2022 12:21 am

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