Lego Friends Rescue Mission Boat

Lego 41381 Friends Rescue Mission Boat Building Kit with Mini Dolls and Toy Sea Creatures (908 Pieces)

Go on fun and exciting animal rescue adventures with your little one, with the Lego Friends Rescue Mission Boat creative toy. Your animal lover can play out a bunch of animal-saving missions with this equipped toy boat.

Last update was on: December 5, 2022 12:49 am

It comes with a swiveling crane and a stretcher to transport sick animals, a speedboat bay with a launching function, a cockpit area, and a lookout position.

The deck can be removed to access the cabin, which has its own kitchen, lab, and bedroom with a toilet. There’s also a heart-shaped island for further adventures! It has a hidden water-reactive map that leads to a secret treasure chest. Even first-time LEGO builders can have a great time, thanks to Instructions PLUS, which can be found in the LEGO Life app. The easy and intuitive app lets kids zoom, rotate and visualize their work. This Lego ship set includes mini-doll figures for Lego Friends Andrea, Mia, and Olivia, as well as a toy narwhal figure and a Zobo robot figure.

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Give any Lego builder and creative kid an amazing building experience with instructions plus, it’s available in the Lego life app for smartphones and tablets.
Lego boat measures over 6 Inches (17 cm) high, 15 Inches (40 cm) long, and 4 inches (12 cm) wide. Speedboat measures over 1 Inch (3 cm) high, 3 Inches (9 cm) long, and 1 inch (5 cm) wide.
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Features & Highlights of Lego Friends Rescue Mission Boat

• Set sail aboard the Lego Friends ocean-going animal clinic, The gift of endless hours of thrilling animal rescue adventures
• This LEGO toy features a three-level motor cruiser, heart-shaped island, and underwater coral scene with myriad features and accessory elements
• The rescue cruiser comes with a swiveling crane and a stretcher for transporting sick animals, a lookout position, and a cockpit area
• Extending the play further is a separate heart-shaped island where a map hides the location of the underwater treasure chest
• Includes 3 Mini-doll figures: Olivia, Andrea, and Mia, plus a robot and narwhal figures, letting role-play the hero with this rescue boat toy
• Includes a water-reactive textile treasure map, coral and sea creature elements, underwater camera, medical instruments, and many, many more
• Contents: 908 Piece LEGO Friends Set

Last update was on: December 5, 2022 12:49 am

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