Mojitodon Rotatable Double Sided Easel

Mojitodon Easel Rotatable Double Sided and Adjustable Height with Painting Accessories

Mojitodon Rotatable Double Sided Easel is an educational tool to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. Mojitodon Easel can be 360 degrees rotated arbitrarily, and it includes 2 sides, a chalkboard, and a magnetic dry erase board. This provides a platform for parents and children to interact. It also provides Fun for children in daily life, Develops children’s interests and hobbies, Improves children’s recognition ability, and Improves children’s recognition ability.

Last update was on: May 23, 2022 7:43 pm

Mojitodon kids easel is made of non-toxic and tough material to ensure your kid’s safety and long-term use. The magnetic chalkboard allows smooth writing, while the eraser with soft magnetic ensures that you can easily wipe the easel without leaving any marks. It comes with 24 Magnetic Letters. The 24 letter cards included is magnetic, which can stick to the easel or any other magnetic surface.
It is very suitable for the height of children aged 3-10. Children can adjust the easel according to their height and posture requirements!

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The double-sided magnetic easel, 2-1 design, can save your kids playing space, that is, two Children can use it at the same time. Not only it is easy to assemble, detachable, and easy to store, but it can also be hand-held and played wherever it goes, bringing more fun to children!
Mom & Child with the Mojitodon Rotatable Double Sided Easel

Features and Highlight of Mojitodon Rotatable Double Sided Easel

• This art easel is equipped with a magnetic dry erase board and a whiteboard
• The whiteboard supports watercolor painting, while the blackboard to practice calligraphy and study
• It is equipped with a complete range of professional painting tools
• Mojitodon Easel can be rotated 360° to satisfy children various painting needs
• Made of high-quality PP material, high strength, and safe for your children
• Easel is Portable – The packaging is light enough and easy to carry
• Suitable for both indoor & outdoor sketching, art activities, camping, parks, beaches, etc
• The detailed installation instructions are located at the bottom of the carton
• Supplied with plastic screws and nuts to enhance the child’s hands-on ability, and it’s easy & fun for children.
• You can adjust the height by replacing the two types of easel legs to suit your child’s needs
• There is no doubt that when your child grows in height he/she will still be able to use it
• Exquisite and colorful product appearance, safe and durable writing and drawing tools
• It is the best educational gift for children, and the best product when children growing up
• Dimensions: 17.7 *11.8*34.5 inch (tall easel legs) | 17.7 *11.8*25.6 inch(short easel legs)
• For this product, you get 30 days Refund Guarantee

Last update was on: May 23, 2022 7:43 pm

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