Nerf Ultra One Blaster

Ultra One Motorized Blaster by NERF – Farthest Flying Darts Ever

Nerf Ultra One Blaster is the first blaster to use Nerf’s brand-new Nerf Ultra darts, the “farthest flying Nerf darts ever”. The 2019 design features an innovative flight tip, lightweight foam construction, and “aerofin” cutting edge technology, basically, a grooved surface that decreases wind resistance. This advanced design delivers extreme distance, accuracy, and speed.

Last update was on: December 4, 2022 7:34 pm

Take your game to the next level with Nerf Ultra blasters and the new darts! Nerf Ultra blasters work only with Nerf Ultra darts. The Ultra One motorized blaster has a high-capacity 25-dart dart drum and comes with 25 Nerf Ultra darts. Motorized blaster fires one at a time when accelerator and trigger are pressed. The most important thing you need to know about this Blaster is that it won’t shoot any darts made by any other manufacturer other than Nerf. On top of that, it won’t work with the Nerf darts you already own, since Ultra Darts are entirely new. These darts can hit targets at an astonishing 120 feet (36 meters) away, 40 feet more than the N-Strike Elite darts that previously held the crown. The company also says that they travel faster and with more accuracy, which should come in handy when your kids get into particularly heated battles.

There’s onboard dart storage for quick reloading. Get ready for an ultra-cool, ultra-new Nerf experience with this Nerf Blaster. if you have the skills and the expertise as a Nerf battler, now you have the blaster and darts for game-changing superiority! Eyewear recommended (not included). The Blaster takes 4 C batteries.

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Product Features & Highlights

• Blast into the game – the farthest flying Nerf darts ever, up to 115 feet (33 meters).
• Includes 25 ground-breaking Nerf Ultra darts that feature an innovative flight tip, Aerofin technology, and lightweight.
• Nerf Ultra darts work only with Nerf Ultra blasters.
• Nerf Ultra blaster is designed with advanced features for extreme distance, accuracy, and speed.
• This high-capacity motorized round dart drum holds up to 25 Nerf Ultra darts.
• Increased flight range lets you fire at a distance up to 120′.
• Suitable for children ages 8 and up
• You can start a toy battle with your kid using this Nerf Ultra One blaster.
• Includes: Nerf Ultra One Blaster, Drum, 25 darts, Owner’s manual.
• Requires 4 C alkaline batteries (not included)
CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face. TO AVOID INJURY: Use only with official NERF darts.

Last update was on: December 4, 2022 7:34 pm

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