Olivia’s Space Academy | Lego 41713

Lego Friends Olivia’s Space Academy (41713) Building Toy Set (757 Pieces)

This Olivia’s Space Academy (41713) set includes a fun array of features that facilitate learning and imaginative play. Our galaxy is vast and ever-expanding, leaving many to ponder the mysteries of outer space.

To ignite a child’s passion for this exciting exploration, Lego has created this great educational toy. Lego Friends Olivia’s Space Academy allows kids to engage in astronaut training just like the real thing. With this scientifically accurate play set, children can explore the cosmos without leaving their living room!
Lego Olivia's Space Academy Full Set on Display
Kids join Lego Friends mini-dolls to train for space adventures. The space toy for kids 8+ years old is packed with authentic features. From the thrusters on the Lego Space Shuttle to the virtual reality simulator. Beyond the play, there is more fun in learning. All the imagery in the academy is scientifically correct. The classroom’s whiteboard features real spaceflight equations.

Fun build, fun play

With 757 pieces, kids can create a unique space academy with a classroom and mission control. They can create a Shuttle model and an observatory. This Lego set offers creative opportunities for children to build, and also provides hours of fun play once fully constructed.

This set includes Olivia and 3 other (Dr. Vidya, Julian, William) Minifigures. With these characters in hand, children can recreate the theme of space exploration. Or, use the figures in imaginative stories of their own creation.
Feature - Packed Olivia's Space Academy and Shuttle Set

Realistic Shuttle model

Children with an interest in space exploration can now experience the joy of building a realistic mini-shuttle model. Lego 41713 Olivia’s Space Academy is a brick-built craft that has a Canadarm – just like the real thing! Kids will enjoy creating the iconic shuttle. Design from realistic
parts that range from engines to antennas and wing panels. The payload bay opens via hinged doors, just like the real thing, and mini-dolls attach to the toy Canadarm to explore space. Children can also explore other features such as movable landing gears and openable cargo bay doors.

An instruction book helps them piece together this detailed shuttle. It also provides information about its functions. The set comes with 2 astronauts (Olivia & William), both dressed in full gear, to complete their mission.

Join Olivia on her dream mission to space school

Stargazing in the observatory

Lego 41713 Space Academy provides an exciting opportunity for mini-dolls to explore the wonders of outer space. With a state-of-the-art observatory, Minifigures can use the telescope to scan the heavens. They can observe the stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies and plan their mission. Inside they’ll find a number of fun activities designed to help them learn more about astronomy and space exploration.

Space School

Mini-doll cadets are learning about space flight in the classroom. This exciting set is perfect for young astronauts and stargazers, as they explore a universe of possibilities. With 4 Minifigures (mini-dolls) and accessories, children can build their own space academy. They can use the interactive telescope to find distant planets and stars. The impressive playset includes various tools and accessories for a realistic mission experience. Kids will love the imaginative play opportunities that this educational toy provides. Whether it’s launching new tests or creating fun mission scenarios, this exciting set provides hours of adventure and exploration.

Kids Explore space and Construct passions

This is mission control…

Kids can now join Lego’s Olivia on her mission to space with the new Olivia’s Space Academy! Through this interactive set, kids are taken on an adventure. They join the crew in guiding the shuttle through a safe flight into unknown galaxies. With this amazing set from Lego, kids can pretend to be part of an intergalactic mission. They can pretend to be in the Mission Control room monitoring shuttle’s journey through space. Explore new planets and search for aliens. This is sure to keep your child entertained for hours as they experience a journey that goes beyond our world!

Multi-axis trainer

Lego 41713 Olivia’s Space Academy is an exciting set that brings the adventure of space exploration to life. The set includes a Multi-axis Trainer, designed to help mini-dolls practice for their space journey. The trainer’s axis motion simulates all the movements a spaceship can make. With this set, children can create their own exciting mission stories right at home.

Makes the ideal gift for space fans ages 8+

Precise planets

This exciting new set is the perfect way for young space explorers to learn more about our solar system. The set features a variety of scientifically accurate planetary graphic models that capture the beauty and complexity of our solar system. Each of these planets accurately replicates its corresponding celestial body. Beyond providing a fun building challenge, these models offer an engaging educational experience for kids.


Lego 41713 Olivia’s Space Academy is a fantastic set for any fan of the Lego universe. It comes with all the pieces you need to build a Space shuttle and Space Academy. This science toy comes with instructions for the digital age. The interactive guide lets kids zoom, rotate, and view their models in 3D as they build. The detailed instruction manual makes it easy to build and allows kids to explore their imaginations in building and creating. Make any young space fan’s day with this feature-packed set where Olivia achieves her dream of going to space school.
All in all, this set is great for both beginner builders as well as those more familiar with Lego bricks.

Young Boy and Girl playing with the Olivia's Space Academy playset

Product Features and Highlights

» Give kids an out-of-this-world play experience with Olivia’s Space Academy (41713).
» A buildable playset that teaches kids about the space program.
» Toy with authentic details – Showcasing features from the Space Shuttle program.
» Includes a Space Shuttle model, an academy building, a telescope, and 4 Minifigures.
» Kids can pretend to play astronaut training, and simulate a flight in the toy Space Shuttle.
» Pretend to complete a spacewalk and search the heavens for new galaxies.
» This science playset is a rewarding challenge for little builders aged 8+
» Fans will be delighted in creating a Space Shuttle model they’ll be proud to display.
» Thanks to the many scientifically accurate elements packed into this set.
» Science fans will learn about space and astronaut training.
» Contains 757 pieces – Takes construction fun to another level.
» The academy measures over 10 in. (26 cm) high, 8 in. (21 cm) wide, and 3 in. (10 cm) deep.
» The Shuttle measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 9 in. (23 cm) long, and 5 in. (15 cm) wide.