Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Fashion Dolls – Rainbow Dream Or Pixie Rose

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls are really getting very popular for the season giving Barbie a run for her money! In Series 1 there are 4 different amazing, well detailed, unique fashion dolls you can collect. They are Rainbow Dream, Pixie Rose, Blue Skye and Amethyst Rae. Whom will you get?

Last update was on: March 27, 2022 9:12 am

All Rainbow Surprise Dolls are super cute but right now the most popular are Rainbow Dream and Pixie Rose mainly because of the hair is so cool! These dolls are 14 inches tall (a standard Barbie is just around 11.5 inches tall) and really have their own unique and funky style. You might like all 4 for your collection. Speaking of cool hair, each doll has stunning long hair in so many different colors. Your kids can comb and style their super soft and silky smooth hair and even braid it in so many different styles. Not to mention each doll comes with her very own brush. She also comes with more than 20 different surprises when unboxing. Unroll the bundle for the longest unpacking background ever.

What really makes the Poopsie Rainbow Surprise the must-have toy of the year is that your kids will use the packets to create their own specialized slime and then work the slime into their doll clothes to create their own style. Inside, find D.I.Y. slime powders and fabulous fashions with clear details, ready for a rainbow slime surprise! Make D.I.Y. slime and add it to your doll’s transparent fashions to totally transform her look. Mix and match slimes to make a total one-of-a-kind statement. Her shoes and her purse can hold slime, too! Experience slime in an all-new way with amazing D.I.Y. slime fashion! Collect all4 Rainbow Surprise dolls.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls features & highlights

• This pack contains the 14 inches Doll and 20+ surprises – Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose!
• These dolls are beautifully detailed and has stunning looking brushable hair, gorgeous fashions and accessories
• All different kinds of slime packets to you can make your own slime.
• Rainbow surprise by Poopsie has Funky fashion outfits.
• Transparent clothes like Dress, jacket, and heal in her shoes
• Make D.I.Y. sparkle slime, place slime in all these transparent items to create your one of a kind style
• Each Rainbow surprise may vary but in general will contain: 14″ Doll, Doll outfit, Accessories, Bottle, 4 D.I.Y. Slime powders, 2 Rainbow magic, 3 Shimmer powders, 1 Glitter, and 1 Highlighter
• There are 4 Rainbow surprise dolls available, Collect them all

Last update was on: March 27, 2022 9:12 am

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