Potensic Dreamer 4k Drone

Quadcopter Potensic Dreamer with 4k Camera GPS WiFi FPV 31Mins Flight

Potensic Dreamer 4k is good for both Beginner and Advance users with 31Mins of Flight Time. It comes with a few intelligent flight modes that will allow you to fly the drone hands-free. You still have control over the camera which will allow you to concentrate on shooting better videos and photos.

Last update was on: February 24, 2021 1:45 am

Take brilliant aerial photos with this Dreamer 4K drone. It comes with a 4K camera that features a Sony CMOS sensor and an optimized wide-angle lens, supporting 4K aerial photos and UHD videos. The Anti-shock balls reduce vibration and ensure clear ultra-smooth footage.

This GPS drone may get lost due to man-made operation or windy weather. But don’t worry, the exclusive PotensicPro App can record drone last drop or disappear place, enable pilots to follow the app map to track and find drone back easily.

Working as your professional photographer, this Potensic Dreamer drone available modes include follow me, circle flight, and waypoint flight with APP control. Just relax and enjoy the fun of flying and filming from up above.

Smartphone holding space is telescopic from 97-178cm, suitable for different sizes of phones.

Quick-release propellers, please make sure the propellers are installed correctly and tightly. For Potensic Dreamer 4K drone there is no need a second-time calibration within the same 300km area(away from the first calibrate place).

Potensic Dreamer drone integrated the fast charging technology. It can be fully charged within 2hours for 31mins max flight time. Also the intelligent 4S battery with overcharge and over-discharge protection, thus giving more safety than ever.

Intelligent flight modes include the following:
Follow me – Pretty self-explanatory, in this flight mode, the drone will lock onto your smartphone and follow you from behind.
Orbit mode – In this mode, you will be able to lock the drone on a point of interest and it will orbit that position autonomously.
Waypoint – With this smart mode, you draw a flight path on the app and the drone will fly along the route automatically and come back home.
Automatic return to home – You can activate this feature manually via the remote controller or the app. The feature will be activated automatically if you lose connection with the drone or if the battery gets too low on charge.
Be careful flying with these flight modes though, as the drone does not come with an obstacle avoidance system, so make sure to only use them in a clear area.

Few help tips:
Joysticks are stored in the remote control’s top storage box, please check and install them before take-off.
Insert the battery, short press the button once, then long press for 2 seconds to switch on/off the drone
Please open the GPS mode and fly the drone in the wide-area covered by a fine GPS signal(more than 6).
This drone (PotensicPro App) can work with 5G wifi devices of Android 5.0 or above and iOS 9.0 or above.
Make sure to install the micro SD card(4-128GB, Class 10 and above) in the right direction, else won’t take pictures or record video.
Please refer to the manual inside package or watch related short videos before operation.

Box Contents:
1 * Potensic Dreamer 4K Drone
1 * Transmitter(built-in battery)
1 * 3000mAh Drone Battery
1 * Drone AC Cable
1 * Pair of Propellers
1 * Drone Charger
1 * USB Charging Cable(for remote control)
1 x User Manual

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Product Features & Highlights

• Built-in powerful 1/3 CMO Sony sensor with auto-exposure function.
• Potensic Dreamer allows you to take 3840 x 2160 photos.
• Clearly restore the shooting scene with 4k images.
• The anti-shake ball is designed to reduce vibration and ensures clear and ultra-smooth footage.
• Record more details of your daily life and make the video more smooth and delicate.
• Integration of 3000mAh 4S smart battery and Brushless motor (can work at a temperature of 0°to 40°).
• Dreamer has its exclusive PowerAC dynamic system.
• This drone has a powerful motor but low battery consumption.
• Two-hour fast charge, ensuring a maximum battery life of up to 31mins.
• It can instantly burst out triple power within 0.1 seconds, providing the best performance at a speed of 10m/s
• Witty responses to various emergencies.
• Can withstand different weather conditions within level 3 wind.
• It adopts an all-in-one design to minimize the complicated installation and calibration steps.
• Takes only 10 seconds to easily install the propellers; no more calibrate within the same 186.4mile(300km).
• A new, intuitive, and safe piloting app(PotensicPro) with the ergonomic remote control – Beginner friendly.
• The drone has these multi-functions: follow me, circle flight, waypoint flight, precise altitude flight, auto return, one key take-off/landing, headless mode, emergency stop, FPV, and so on.
Get ready for the simplest and most intuitive flying experience!

Last update was on: February 24, 2021 1:45 am

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