Potensic U36D RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera 720P HD Live Video 5.8Ghz FPV Headless Mode & Altitude Hold Function & VR Glasses

Camera Drone Potensic U36D RC Quadcopter 720P HD Live Video  FPV Headless Mode & Altitude Hold Function & VR Glasses

Introduction to this Potensic Quadcopter
Potensic U36D RC Quadcopter is able to perform a variety of rotating flight, heading Hold Mode, altitude Hold, and frequency switching.

This drone is equipped with 5.8GHz FPV goggles and a carrying case. The U36D camera can shoot high-definition videos and photos.

One screen with a double use
Sharing Monitor: The monitor can be applied for remote control individually, which can be used as a real-time monitor. It can also be used as a virtual reality helmet with glasses, which can experience the first personal vision.

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VR Glasses with 5.8G Transmission
VR Glasses: Aspherical Lens with little tolerance, improve the definition of the picture. The precise manufacturing process can ensure a high definition of imaging, which can make the virtual world more real.

Altitude Hold
Altitude Mode: Altitude hold mode means flying the drone at a specified altitude and adopts barometer to realize this function. Under this mode, you can make this Potensic U36D RC Quadcopter flying in the default height and hover. It’s easy to shoot images from any angle, more suitable for beginners to control.

Carrying Case
This Drone pack Potensic U36D RC Quadcopter comes with a professional-grade carrying case that makes it more convenient wherever you go. This gives your drone and spare parts all-round protection.

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