Power Action Pikachu (Pokemon) – Shake To Charge Up For Lights And Sounds

Pokemon Power Action Pikachu 12 Inch Interactive Plush Toy

This stuffed Power Action Pikachu from pokemon is interactive. Shake it to Charge up the toy for Lights and Sounds.
True Pokemon fans know that Pikachu not only glows with cuteness, but sparks with electricity, too!

Last update was on: December 23, 2021 6:10 am

It’s only right to play with a Pikachu toy that delivers just that, like the Power Action Pikachu Plush. This Pikachu plush toy combines action-sensored technology with a soft, cuddly design. This is perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of some Pika play!

Be the very best and become Pikachu’s trainer. Simply switch the “On” button, and watch your new friend come to life. It has more than 15 light and sound interactions. The motion-activated Pikachu plush reacts based on simple actions from its 360-degree movement sensors. Press his right hand and hear a trio of electric, zapping sounds. Hear one of four signature Pika phrases when pressing his other hand. As the sounds are activated, you’ll love watching his iconic red cheeks and yellow lightning-shaped tail light up! Offering endless Pokemon fun, kids can play individually with Pikachu and discover his various interactions. Gently toss him around with friends to prepare him for battle. Snuggling up to this Pokemon plush toy will be the perfect finish to a long day of Pokemon training with your Pika pal.

Highlights of Power Action Pikachu Pokemon

Shake Pikachu to hear it charge up, lights and sound interaction! Shaking Pikachu is fun!
Motion-activated Pokemon plush lets kids be more immersed with their favorite Pokemon, Pikachu.
Light-up Pikachu plush designed with over 15 light and sound interactions for endless fun and play.
Reacts in various ways depending on how the plush lands, what direction it’s facing, which sensory buttons are pressed and more.
Cheeks glow and tail lights up when motion-activated sensors are pressed.
Soft and cuddly Pikachu plush is perfect for snuggling with after a day of Pokemon training.
Pokemon Officially Licensed Plush Stuffed Animal Toy. Measures about 12″x8″x6″
3 AAA Batteries Required (Not Included). NOTE: Make sure plush is switched to “On” mode upon unpacking.

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Last update was on: December 23, 2021 6:10 am

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