Grumblies Scorch Plush Interactive Pet (Red) From Pomsies, One Size

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  • Scorch comes from lands of Ash and lava and only he can shake and tremble with trauma. He sets off volcanic rings of fire as his level of insanity climbs higher and higher.
  • No nurturing here - Poke, shake, tilt and roll them
  • The more you mess with it the angrier it gets - Try to get them to full meltdown mode!
  • Each grumblie has his own personality, sounds & design
  • More than 40 different reactions and custom sounds
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Pomsies Grumblies Scorch Plush Interactive Toys – You Beat Up and Watch Go Insane!

These fun plush toys come with an interesting story to go with them that kids will want to follow as they learn the interactive abilities associated with each toy..
Grumblies live secretly hidden from mankind. Short-tempered and mischievous, bands of grumblies create supernatural chaos, such as earthquakes, Volcanos, and supernatural chaos!
Grumblies can be found deep in the depths of Earth. Veiled from mankind, they live a secret life. They are easily agitated and when they have a melt-down, they bring chaos in the form of earthquakes and other destructive problems for our world through lava or lightning storms. Any sort of natural disaster is because of their tendency to have big melt-downs.
Please, do not under-estimate them. That is the worst thing you could do!
There have been many brave attempts to take the Grumblies out. But all have failed, so far.
This fun toy is made for children of ages 4 and above. It can actually be a good investment to teach children about how chaotic melt-downs are.
By seeing the Grumblies break down emotionally, children can see how horrible it looks and with a little guidance they can learn to control their own outbursts.
Grumblies Scorch and Each Grumblies character have their own personality, sounds, and design. Different reactions and sounds depending on how if you poke, shake, or tilt them!Different level of anger. Try to get them to the meltdown mode!

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