WowWee CHiP Robot – Interactive Pet Dog Review

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  • CHiP is a smart, affectionate, and trainable robot dog
  • Pre-order ChiP now and receive a code for an additional free ChiP SmartBand
  • The SmartBand allows CHiP to recognize and follow you
  • Play fetch or soccer with CHiP's SmartBall and stay active together
  • When low on battery, CHiP automatically returns to his SmartBed to recharge himself
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Product Description – WowWee CHiP Robot Pet Dog

WowWee CHiP Robot - Interactive Pet Dog Review  This interactive pet WowWee CHiP Robot is a friendly robot puppy who follows you around and responds to your commands. Featuring advanced sensors and smart accessories, it always alert you and is ready to play. Pick up his front legs and CHiP will dance with you. Rub your nose against his and he’ll nuzzle right back.

This intelligent, affectionate robot dog comes with a Smart Band, Smart Ball, and Smart Bed. It also have a downloadable app for your smart phone or tablet.

This Robot understands voice commands and hand gestures. You can also train him using the Smart Band or the app. The Smart Band coupled with Beacon Sense technology allows CHiP to recognize and follow his owner. You can also play fetch or soccer with him and his Smart Ball. If his Smart Bed is out of range, he will let you know that he needs your help to get there. Watch CHiP’s eyes light up as he explores his environment.

High tech sensors and real-time processing helps him to see, speak, listen, and feel. Mecanum wheels help this pet to get around quickly on indoor surfaces. Designed and manufactured by WowWee, CHiP is the perfect gift for adults and kids 8 and up.

The Wowwee CHiP Robot Dog FeaturesWowWee CHiP Robot - Interactive Pet Dog Review

• This Robot is smart, affectionate, and trainable pet dog perfect for adults and kids alike. Wowwee CHiP robot isn’t just another cool gadget. As soon as you bring him home, it will become part of the family, learning about you and his new home. That can provide an authentic emotional bond between pet and owner.

• CHiP stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet. It is a robot dog that interacts with its owners just like a typical family pet. It will show its affection, learning good behavior and providing playful companionship through advanced artificial intelligence.
• Your new best friend responds to voice commands, hand gestures, and the CHiP app on your smartphone or tablet.
• Play fetch or soccer with Wowwee CHiP Robot’s Smart Ball and stay active together.
• The Smart Band allows him to recognize and follow you. The more you play and interact with him, the more personalized the experience will get. No two CHiPs are alike. Your SmartBand helps Wowwee CHiP Robot identify and recognize his owner. The band also lets you teach this electronic pet some good behavior and train him to do tricks. Using the SmartBand buttons, you can “like” a certain action to reinforce a behavior you want him to do. More of, like sit or stay, so CHiP can learn what you like and behave accordingly.

• You can also direct him with just the movements of your hand. With GestureSense technology, Wowwee CHiP Robot recognizes your gestures and can follow commands like sit, stay and come. You can also tell this Robot to “dance”. You can put him in “sic ’em” mode – where it will bark aggressively and “attack” the person you choose. Lastly, the SmartBand can be used as a remote control for CHiP.

• The SmartBand also serves as a notification center. It will alert you with light indicators if he wants to play, if he is hungry or needs something.
• The free companion app (available on iOS and Android in Q3 2016) will feature the same controls as the SmartBand. This allows you to customize new trick commands on the SmartBand.
• Using BeaconSense technology – a proprietary indoor GPS system – and Bluetooth connectivity, it senses the surroundings. It then links with three smart accessories: CHiP’s SmartBall and SmartBed and the owner’s SmartBand.
Infrared sensors give Wowwee CHiP Robot a 360 degree view. This helps CHiP to track, chase, retrieve and return the SmartBall wherever it rolls, so the games you can play are endless. In addition to fetch, soccer is one of it’s favorite games. He can guard a goal post, making saves or rolling the SmartBall back to you. CHiP plays just like a real goalie.

• Wowwee CHiP Robot is super agile moving in any direction at very high speed on four Meccanum wheels in place of paws. CHiP can dodge obstacles or speed down the hall after the SmartBall.WowWee CHiP Robot - Interactive Pet Dog Review
• After a long day of play, just like a real dog, it will need some sleep. When low on battery, CHiP automatically returns to his Smart Bed to recharge himself. If he can’t make it to the SmartBed, he’ll text you through the companion app to let you know so you can help.
• This pet Robot provides both a unique, up-close experience with the latest in artificial intelligence technology. It provides an authentic pet relationship, complete with playfulness and an emotional bond.
• For more information and to see Wowwee CHiP Robot in action, visit Wowwee’s website.
• Batteries: 4 AAA batteries are required (included).
• Product Weight: 4.6 pounds.
• Product Dimensions (in inches): 15.0 x 11.8 x 8.6

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