Fun Toys

Fun Toys – Just For The Fun Of It!

Each year hundreds of fun toys are released that do not slip easily into any particular category. They’re just fun. In the 1970s we had a Pet Rock and green slime to choose from (the latter was a sticky, oddly smelling neon green slime that came in a plastic garbage can; I still don’t know what it was meant for but it was fun to throw at walls). That slime has be repurposed now by Toysmith with their Fun Slime Baff product. You simply add the Slime powder to water and it turns into, you guessed it, slime. Fun for the whole family, right? There are also high powered water guns, a gun that makes fart nosies, and, surprisingly, joy buzzers and plastic vomit are still popular items. Want to be a prankster? Well it’s easy, these days. Everything you could want to delight (and, let’s face it, annoy) your friends and family—from garlic flavored gum to itching powder to soap that turns to blood—can be had in a single kit. And who doesn’t want to laugh hysterically when grandma sits down on a whoopee cushion or mom loses her mind over the plastic dog poop in the middle of the dining room table? Like the saying goes, it’s fun for the whole family. If you are not up for the Fun Toys, you may checkout other categories here.