Star Wars Toys

A Long Time Ago…1977  Star Wars Toys were born

The toy game was changed forever in 1977 with the release of a little science fiction fantasy movie called Star Wars. Not expecting it to be such a hit there were no Star Wars toys on the market that year. The only thing you could get was its Early Bird kit, which was a box that contained only a mail-in certificate for four yet to be produced action figures. But once the figures and vehicles hit the market they flew off the shelve in record numbers. There were twelve figures, eight vehicles, and five playsets released in 1978 and every kid wanted them all. They were very basic but loads of fun. Now, you can get almost anything of Star Wars Toys from a simple Stormtrooper figure to a Bluetooth remote controlled BB-8 droid. Hasbro also has a line they call the Black Series which are better sculpts and larger in size. The Black Series New Order TIE Fighter, for instance, weighs several pounds and stands an amazing twenty-five inches tall. It’s an expensive one, but more than worth the cost. All in all Hasbro has produced thousands of these toys over the decades and they keep getting better with each iteration. If you are interested in other variety of toys, check out