Really Rad Robots Mibro Interactive RC Robot

Interactive Mibro Really Rad Robot – Your Robot Partner In Fun

Say hello to Really Rad Robots Mibro and Have fun with your robotic friend! Play, prank, spy and command! MiBro repeats what you say and works as your undercover agent in stealth mode, so you can be just like a real spy. Use the controller to trigger funny sounds and phrases. Your robot partner in fun comes with awesome accessories so you can show of your ball skills, blast your enemies or use him to bring you things.

Team up together for some awesome antics and sneaky adventures! MiBro isn’t just a robot you watch, he’s a robot that’s totally under your control! There is so much you can do together – You can show off your robotic skills!
Prank your friends using the Really RAD Remote to speak through Mibro and add filters to your voice so you can sound even sillier…or scarier!
Spy with MiBro and use him to listen in on any conversation and transmit it back through his Really RAD Remote. What secrets will you find out?

MiBro comes with a range of awesome accessories to keep you entertained! Use the attachable blaster to blast away your enemies, or use his tray to deliver refreshments! You can even use MiBro’s tray to carry your smartphone!

The tray also transforms into a goal and can be used to score the winning goal with the included ball. Celebrate with a victory lap using MiBro’s mini oversized foam finger.
He’ll impress your friends, he’ll save that day. MiBro, hard wired for fun, from Really RAD Robots.

Robots are amazing and most kids these days love robots from simple to more advanced types. Besides Mibro there are two more mini robots worth mentioning Spin Master Boxer Robot and  Anki Cozmo Big Brain Robot You should check them out.

MiBro came out in 2018 and still very popular. No doubt you will have lots of fun with this toy. There are few new release robotic-toys  in 2020. Checkout Hilarious Ninja Battling Robot, Botley 2.0 from Learning Resources and the Transforming Robot which is GoGo Dino Robot. For children between the age of 6 months to preschooler we suggest Fisher Price Rollin Rovee, a great new release toy of 2020.

Really Rad Robots Mibro Features

Talk! Prank! Spy! Play!
Be sneaky and listen to secrets! MiBro is your secret agent buddy and can help you spy on your friends and family!
MiBro is ready to play- Practice and show off your skills! Hear the crowd cheer when he kicks the winning goal!
MiBro is ready to serve- Your wish is his command!
Be the Bot with MiBro and talk through him, using the Really RAD Remote!
Styles may vary
Contents: 1 x Really RAD Robot
Batteries Required: Remote control: 3 x AA, Robot: 3 x AAA (not included)

What’s Inside

1 x MiBro, 1 x Really RAD Remote,
1 x Serving Tray/Goal, 1 x Soccer Ball,
1 x RAD Blaster, 1 x Mini Giant Foam Hand,
1 x Instruction Manual

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