Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit – Endless possibilities: Build, Create and Play!

Robo Wunderkind (17 Piece Set) Robotics Starter Kit – Build and Code Your Own Robots – STEM Toy – Compatible with Lego 2

Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit is the first of its kind that allows children of as early as 5 years old to build and program robots straight out of the box.

Last update was on: February 7, 2022 5:28 am

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) toy set is packed with complex technologies into simple cubes to create a toy that gives kids the sense of creation as well as ownership of their own projects. Robo Wunderkind is designed to turn complex technologies into a simple and fun game. Snap the modules together, build and rebuild – there is no wrong way to play! Use LEGO connectors to customize your very own build.

Use the intuitive apps to steer and control your robotic builds or easily program them with our smart nonverbal coding language. See them going live! Thanks to sensors and motors, these little robots can see, move, make sounds and react to the world around. Robo’s color coded blocks are made for many hours of enriching play. While playing with robotics kits, kids quickly grasp the key concepts of coding, engineering and develop creative and spatial thinking, as well as problem solving and fine motor skills. The best part? No special knowledge is required, a young programmer doesn’t even have to be able to read, All the symbols are visual and intuitive.

Robo Wunderkind kits are compatible with your favorite LEGO bricks! Simply snap them onto the adapters provided in the kit, or insert the LEGO Technic pieces inside the building blocks.

The world around us changes rapidly and so do the learning experiences. Robo Wunderkind helps children to master essential coding skills through engaging hands-on play. This award-winning modular kits are created to help develop abstract and algorithmic thinking, coding and computation, problem solving and innovation. Most importantly, the learning happens intuitively and naturally, allowing a kid to acquire a confident “I can do it!” attitude towards programming. The possibilities are endless!

Meet Robo Wunderkind, a STEM robotics kit a child as young as five can put together and bring to life, effortlessly! Robo Wunderkind is a fun and natural way to introduce a girl or a boy to programming and coding. Using color coded blocks, a child assembles their working robot and programs it to perform real functions.

Features of Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit

• Introduces children to the basics of coding and robotics in a fun and engaging way
• 17 customizable robotic parts & Free Apps with Creative Coding Projects
• Endless possibilities to Build, Create and Play!
• This Robo builder can spark creativity, boost intellectual development and guarantees joyful playtime!
• 2 visual icon-based apps with in-app instructions & creative sample projects are included.
• Apps can run on iOS, Android, Windows OS and Kindle.
• Compatible with Lego bricks to build more functional & complex robots
• Suitable for kids between Age 5-10
• Kids can program the robot they have built to drive around while avoiding obstacles
…and much, much more!

What’s in the box: 17 Pieces : Connector block-1, Big Wheels-2, Lego Adapter-4, Connector-3, Small Wheel-1, DC Motor-2, Button-1, RGB Light-1, Main Block-1, Disconnection Tool-1
+ Charging Cable-1, Quick start guide and Sticker set

Last update was on: February 7, 2022 5:28 am

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