Smart Self Balancing Scooter – T580 Swift Hoverboard

T580 Swift Hoverboard Smart Self Balanceing Scooter with Flashed Wheel and Music Speaker App-Enabled

This Smart Self Balancing Scooter Gyroor Swift T580 is one of the safest hoverboards currently available on the market. Gyroor focuses on providing high quality, high safety product and best service to riders, all products are strictly related to the safety tests.

With high-tech electric,anti-fire shell protection, and UL certified that make T580 absolutely safe and harmless for all riders.
Gyroor swift hoverboard can support 8-10 mph,and the self balancing can fit all of the kids and adults, it is very easy to ride-on it. You can put it in child mode and it won’t go over 6 mph. The wheels light up is impressive and it works through the yard as well as on hard surfaces. There is a battery low indicator – the light color will change, when the battery is low, the light color will change to orange and yellow. The flashing light is bright enough to see your way in the dark. With Bluetooth feature you can connect to electronic devices to play your favorite music while riding. The design is cool. The LED color is matched with the color of the hoverboards. It also comes with a carry bag which is very useful. You can download App on Google play or app store by searching”GYROOR Scooter”

Highlights of 6.5 inch T580 Smart Self Balancing Scooter

• Equipped with the impressive flashing color lights on the wheels, this new hoverboard will bring you a fantastic riding experience. Lights will be bright enough to see your way in the dark.
• These t580 self-balancing scooters have music speaker. You can connect via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music. Stereo speaker have premium sound quality. Bluetooth features are licensed as well as certified to get the best performance.
• Self balance system allows switching to child mode and adult mode to suit users weight. This helps beginner to adjust quickly, makes it easier and safer.
• For App function, search gyroor on app store, Download your hoverboard assistant, One-touch child mode, adult mode, self-balancing mode, non-self-balancing mode, switch, shutdown, speed Adjust, fault analyse.
• Highest Safety Standards are maintained : UL2272 Certified of hoverboard and CE UN38.3 Rohs, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of battery is provided. 1 year for hoverboard, 6 months for battery.

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