SNAPTAIN SP7100 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera Live Video for Adults

SNAPTAIN SP7100 GPS Drone is a nice stable flyer with 4K HD Camera suitable for both Advanced users and Beginners. Note, In order for the FPV video to work Your mobile device must have (802.11 ac 5G WiFi). You can check your device by googling the model of your mobile device.

Last update was on: June 27, 2021 2:17 pm

Here are some of the main features & functions of the SNAPTAIN SP7100

4K camera with shock absorption captures photos and videos with high fidelity. The camera angle is 90° adjustable directly via the controller, which meets diverse requirements for different shooting purposes. 5GHz Wi-Fi FPV Transmission ensures the high-speed real-time image, enables you to enjoy smooth and clear live video from a birds-eye perspective. No video lag or delay! Enjoy the world above the horizon.

Brushless motors run more powerful with much less noise compared to brushed motors, which can enable stable and fast drone flights.

Under the GPS mode, the drone will automatically follow the app signal of your mobile phone, ensuring it captures the images that inspiring you no matter where you go.
Simply draw a route on the screen, the drone will fly along the path you draw on the app to focus on capturing photos and videos, seize the beautiful scenery, and get outdoor fun. Choose a point and set the desired hover height and radius, the drone will automatically circle around an object, can capture beautiful shots of the object. Multiple Positioning Systems include GPS Location, Ultrasonic Positioning, Optical Flow Positioning, and Altitude Hold. The multiple altitude hold technology, enable it to hover very stably and easy to use for users.

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Product Features & Highlights

• The professional 4K UHD camera enables capturing clearer images.
• Images can be taken from different angles by adjusting the camera lens up and down.
• Upgraded 5G Wi-Fi transmission guarantees the fluency of real-time images through APP.
• The advanced brushless motor gives low noise long service life and providing image stabilization.
• The drone will automatically fly back to the start point when the signal or battery is low, or when you press “Return to Home”.
• The Snaptain SP7100 drone will automatically switch to Attitude Mode to maintain a specific flight altitude.
• The intelligent SP7100 is equipped with interesting and advanced flight modes.
• Some of the Flight modes are; Points of interest, Waypoints, Gestures for photos/videos, etc.
• It has Beginner-friendly functions like one key start/stop, headless mode, emergency stop, altitude hold.
• The drone also allows you to plan a fly route, close distance, or recording wonderful moments by giving a gesture.
• Free your hands and start your adventure whenever and wherever.
• Optical Flow Positioning makes a more precise position and more stable flight even on a windy day.
• The implanted electric fence ensures the safe landing of the drone.
• The foldable design and RC feature make outdoor flying more convenient.
• The drone will automatically turn off if no operation within 10 minutes, more energy-efficient, and durable.
• The control range of 2.4GHz transmitter up to 2600 feet range.
• The powerful battery works for 26 minutes for each charge.

Last update was on: June 27, 2021 2:17 pm

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