Sphero RVR Programmable Robot

Sphero RVR All Terrain Fully Programmable Robot, Customizable, Raspberry Pi Compatible

The Sphero RVR Programmable Robot is the Go-Anywhere-Do-Anything Programmable Robot. Fully capable and drivable out of the box yet able to be expanded upon easily. The RVR (or pronounced as rover) is a robotics platform that is to begin learning all about robotics!

With tank treads and powerful, durable motors, the RVR can travel over most surfaces with ease using a highly advanced control system. RVR is fun to drive, customize, and program with the Sphero EDU app. Built-in features like color recognition, light sensor, IR, and a universal expansion port open up a world of possibilities for creativity, learning, and fun.

Meet RVR’s Vector-based Control System. Unique to RVR is our highly tuned, vector-based, closed-loop control system. RVR uses high-resolution encoders and an onboard 9-axis IMU with proprietary algorithms to drive, correct, and navigate based on heading and relative position. Most other programmable vehicles and build-a-bot platforms have no control system at all. That means the wheels rotate based on how much raw power you send the motors, so driving to a predetermined, specific location is out of the question. RVR’s control system, on the other hand, is expertly engineered so that obstacles, disruptions, and uneven surfaces won’t affect your driving experience.

A USB and UART port on the RVR allow for expanding the platform using popular development systems like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, the BBC micro:bit, and tons of other attachments. Power them up with the onboard 5V power source. This allows you to create a more advanced robot. IR sensors on the RVR allow it to communicate with other Sphero products like the Bolt. The RVR is a great way to introduce and further robotics in the classroom.

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With the expandability of the RVR, adding the ability for inputs and sensing from things like cameras, distance sensors, and receiving GPS information. This creates the potential to build incredibly sophisticated autonomous vehicles at an incredible price. Want RVR to be your home security sentry, an autonomous metal detector or an environmental sensor, that you can control over the internet? Chances are, if you can hack it, RVR can do it. Build the robot of your dreams and then take it anywhere. RVR is the ultimate canvas for your creativity.

Sphero RVR Programmable Robot Features & Highlights

• RVR is Sphero’s revolutionary programmable robot – packed with fun features.
• Drive it. Program It. Build on it – It’s drivable right out of the box, packed with a diverse suite of sensors, and built for customization.
• This robot is packed with onboard sensors including a color sensor, light sensor, IR, Magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope.
• Sphero RVR is super expandable using 4-pin UART. It is a hackable mobile platform (with SDK and API libraries) for beginners, educators, students, and tech hobbyists.
• Onboard power source, allows you to connect and run third-party hardware like a Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino and Sphero’s own little Bits.
• Download the Sphero Edu app to code RVR with draw & drive, scratch blocks, or JavaScript.
• RVR is equipped with all-terrain treads – Obstacles or uneven surfaces won’t affect RVR’s ability to drive straight.
• A sophisticated, vector-based control system.
• A powerful motor, and plenty of torque so you can go faster and farther.
• A high-capacity, removable, rechargeable battery delivers enough power-juice to RVR and third-party hardware.
• Removable, rechargeable USB C battery allows you to recharge quickly and even add a backup battery for continued use.
• HARDWARE includes: 4 pairs of Infrared Sensors; Ambient Light Sensor; 9-Axis IMU; Magnetometer; Color sensor; 4-Pin Expansion UART; 1 USB-A Receptacle for users to Power extra accessories (USB plug can also support UART functions); 8 programmable LEDs (2 on main PCB, 1 in each headlight, 1 on each side, 2 in the rear).

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