Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

Prank Anonymous Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb 4.5 Ounce Gold, Shocking Prank Practical Joke Gift

With Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb you are ready to take your pranking to the next level. The explosive Glitter Bomb is just the item you need to blow your fiercest frenemies out of the water!

The Glitter Bomb will arrive as a standard shipping tube, fitted with a “fragile” sticker and a label that directs your target to open the correct end, for maximum payload every time! Your friends are sure to feel defeated when this devious device detonates and releases tons of glitter onto their lap, desk, or any other hilarious and inconvenient areas. It is the best glitter bomb on the market, and for those looking for even more hilarious humiliation, upgrade the amount of glitter, or add your own personal message to inside or outside the tube of the Glitter Bomb!

As earlier mentioned, Pranks Anonymous Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb label states that the contents inside the shipping tube is fragile. This tends to lead to more surprise once it is opened and they are bombarded with 4.5 ounces of glitter. This Prank Bomb can help you make your friend or coworker laugh by sending them an unmarked tube. The recipient will be clueless as to what is inside, definitely not expecting the sparkly confetti that will be unleashed upon them in the form of a Glitter Bomb.

Pranking people in person can be a hard task as it’s easy to have plans not work out as efficiently as you would like them to. The company, ‘Pranks Anonymous’, handles the prank for you, so that it is much easier to hilariously prank your friends.

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Product Features & Highlights

• Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb is mailed in a spring loaded shipping tube.
• Mail your friends, family an unmarked tube labeled “fragile” It even comes with a label to open the correct end.
• When it goes off everything nearby will be covered with a fresh layer of glittery goodness.
• With this kind of prank gift it’s important the spring isn’t stored too long before shipping to maximize explosiveness.
• When opened this glitter blaster rains glitter literally everywhere.
• A practical joke gift for revenge or just for fun.
• Give the gift of laughter at Christmas, birthday, or any occasion that needs a good joke gift.

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