Transforming Paw Patroller with Dual Vehicle Launchers

Paw Patrol Transforming Paw Patroller with Dual Vehicle Launchers by Spin Master, Ryder Action Figure, and ATV Toy Car

The Transforming Paw Patroller brings the excitement of Paw Patrol to life! Join Ryder and the action-packed Paw Patrol team on rescue adventures with the Spin Master Paw Patroller!

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Unboxing and start the fun
When you unbox, you’ll find one paw patroller, one rider figure, one ATV, and one sticker sheet. Now, push the button to open the big side doors. and insert the sliding switch. Now clip Ryder onto the mini-vehicle. Nice job! Before we get into action, let’s spruce up the paw patroller with some stickers. With the big side doors raised, slide the switch back to pop open the launch ramps. To load the rider’s ATV push back the bar in the middle until it clicks and place the ATV on the ramp. When you’re ready push the little button to whoa launch the vehicle. Awesome job.

With compatible paw patrol vehicles, you can launch two cars at the same time, over and over again plus, it can store up to six vehicles. Awesome, and we can’t forget the lights and sounds! Push the button on top when you’re setting off on all your big rescues. To close out the paw patroller push the launching bar all the way back. Move the side switch to the front to put the ramp back in the patroller and use your hands to close the big side door. Great job! Now just put the rider in the front seat and drive the mini-vehicle in the back of the paw patroller, and that’s it now. You know how to make on-the-go rescues with the all-new paw patroller.

This Paw Patrol toy brings the excitement and adventure of the hit show to life. The Paw Patroller with Ryder and ATV toys for 3-year-old boys and girls. It is the perfect gift for kids and PAW Patrol fans. Team up with the rest of the pups and their rescue toy vehicles (each sold separately) and help save the day. Launch to the rescue with PAW Patrol and the PAW Patroller! Check out full episodes of PAW Patrol on Nickelodeon!

What’s included: 1 PAW Patroller | 1 Ryder Figure | 1 Ryder Vehicle | 1 Sticker Sheet | 1 Instruction Sheet
Transforming Paw Patroller - Paw Patrol Ad
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Product Features and Highlights

• Press the button on the side of the PAW Patroller for an exciting door transformation
• The sides pop open and lift up, revealing dual vehicle launchers inside!
• Load Ryder, his ATV (included), and another pup and vehicle (not included) up the back ramp,
pull the lever, and push the buttons to launch your PAW Patrol figures and vehicles to the rescue!
• There’s room inside the PAW Patroller for 2 vehicles,
plus room on top for 4 additional vehicles and toy figures from your collection (sold separately)!
• Comes with a Ryder PAW Patrol figure, ATV, and realistic sound effects – press the button on top!
• PAW Patrol kids toys, action figures, toy cars, and playsets are perfect gifts for Holidays & Birthdays
• Preschool toys for ages 3 and up. Batteries included 3 LR44

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