Video Baby Monitor by LAPUTA (Upgraded Version) 3.5″ LCD Screen with Night Vision Camera

Upgraded Version Video Baby Monitor, LAPUTA 3.5″ Large LCD Screen Display with Night Vision Camera, Two Way Talk Audio, Temperature Sensor

Why Should Parents Get A Baby Monitor ?-For many parents, a baby monitor is a part of daily life. If you need to visually confirm that your baby is safely asleep for the night in order to leave the room and relax, it can feel like a necessity.

Monitors are most commonly used for new babies, but even once your household is past the infant stage you may appreciate an easy way to check to make sure your kid is still asleep or still in the room at all.Why Should Parents Buy LAPUTA Baby Monitor ?1 – SAFE & STABLE CONNECTION -Compared with Wi-Fi (or cloud-based) model,RF video can better provide what most people want: a clear view of a baby, a secure connection, and a dedicated monitor that can operate in the background without tying up your phone. And this is the best way to protect your privacy.
2 – HIGH DEFINITION PICTURE WITHOUT DELAYING TRANSMISSION-Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology – Provides high definition and stable streaming, secure interference-free connection and crystal clear digital vision & sound.

3 – LONGER TIME MONITORING-We wanted a monitor battery that could last overnight, or at least ten hours, without being plugged in. To be able to maintain a signal up or down a flight of stairs, across the house, and out on a patio or driveway, but we didn’t expect much beyond that. We zeroed in on monitors rated to about 700 feet of range1 or greater.
Multi Camera: Support
Picture Quality: Clear and bright
Connection Type: Enhanced 2.4GHz (No Delay)
ECO Mode: Power saving with sound activated
Rechargeable Battery: 950mAh (10Hr)
Room Temperature: YES
Two-Way Communication: YES
Infrared Night Vision: YES
LAPUTA WARRANTY – As professional seller, we provide 30-days money back and Life-time warranty. Please feel free to contact us.

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