VTech Mix and Match-a-Saurus

Mix and Match-a-Saurus by VTech (Green / Pink / Purple)

Meet the Learn & dance VTech Mix and Match-a-Saurus! Dino includes 9 action plates/tiles that will customize dino’s voice, emotions, and dancing styles. Create 27 different interactive combinations of emotions, music styles, and characters.

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October 2, 2022 4:47 pm
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Place the colorful tiles on Dino’s back to customize how you want to play with him! Every time a tile is inserted, the dinosaur moves, sings, dances, talks and encourages children to follow along for gross-motor play.

Experimenting with the emotion tiles helps kids build social and emotional skills. Angry Dino may stomp around or say, “Let’s practice calming down,” helping kids learn that there are many ways to express feelings. Insert One of the 3 red plates into dino’s back and hear the voice style change into Dino, a cool robot or a fearsome Monster! There are also 3 yellow plates to make Dino Happy, angry or sleepy and 3 blue plates that make Dino March, and dance to hip-hop or ballet!

Features 3 light-up buttons that teach colors, and shapes and play music. There are lots of fun sing-along songs and melodies for boys and girls with learn & dance Dino! Roar, dance, and laugh with the innovative Mix & Match-a-Saurus!

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Dino mode & functions

1. Off/Mode SelectorSlide the Off/Mode Selector to turn the unit On and choose an activity. To turn the unit off, slide the Off/Mode Selector to the Off position.
2. High/Low Volume SwitchSlide the High/Low VolumeSwitch to select Low or High volume.
3. Light-Up ButtonsIf there’s no Dino Tile inserted on Dino’s back, press the Light-Up Button to learn colors and shapes. If there is a Dino Tile inserted, press the buttons to hear phrases about the corresponding tile.
4. Dino-Mite ButtonPress the Dino-Mite Button to see Dino dance in different styles with different songs.
5. Three Tile SlotsInsert the red character tiles in the round slot, the yellow emotion tiles in the triangle slot, and the blue music style tiles in the square slot.
6. Nine Dino Tiles Each Dino Tile represents a characteristic, emotion, or music style. Customize Dino by putting the tiles on his back. Once all three slots are filled, Dino will dance and sing according to the combination on his back. There are 27 total combinations to discover.
Red Dino Tiles include dino, robot, and monster characteristics.
Yellow Dino Tiles include happy, angry, and sleepy emotions.
Blue Dino Tiles include marching, ballet, and hip-hop music styles.
7. Dino EggWhen done playing, store all of the Dino Tiles in the Dino Egg.
8. Automatic Shut off to preserve battery life, the Mix & Match-a-SaurusTM will shut off automatically after several minutes without any input. The unit can be turned on again by sliding the Off/Mode Selector or by pressing the Light-Up Buttons or Dino-Mite Button. The unit will also automatically turn off when the batteries are very low.

When playtime is done, store the tiles in the dinosaur egg!

VTech Mix and Match-a-Saurus Highlights

• Make Dino sing, stomp, and spin: It’s a musical baby toy with lots of features to learn and have heaps of fun!
• Customise dance style, voice & emotions: Change his dance style by playing a different song or change his voice to a Dino, Robot, or Monster!
• An ideal educational toy for 2-5 years old: A perfect preschool gift as it includes 9 action plates with 27 different shape sorting combinations and 3 light-up buttons that teach colors, shapes, and music
• Lots of fun songs & melodies: Sing-along song lyrics – General Songs, Rewarding Songs, Mode Songs, Hip Hop Songs, Marching Songs, and Ballet Songs + plenty of melodies
• Included in the package: One Mix & Match-a-Saurus, Nine dino tiles, One dino egg, One parent’s guide
• 4 AA batteries included for demo purposes only but New batteries recommended

$28.99 $41.99
in stock
October 2, 2022 4:47 pm
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: October 2, 2022 4:47 pm

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