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Toys are very important for child development. Research conducted over the years had shown that it influence a child’s imagination in different ways. Though toys could be considered as play tools for kids, it is an important tool, which helps them to stimulate their imaginations. Moreover, studies had shown that they teach kids important life lessons. It is considered a creative play of developing kid’s brains. Because of its usefulness in child development, scientists have researched and developed different types of toys for kids, which could be used for various purposes. Moreover, there are different online stores that specialize in offering of various kinds. When you are looking for stores, it is important that you look for those more useful for your children. At TopToysToday we try to meet that criteria.
These days various types of toys are available at the market and as said, they are used for various purposes. The most prominent ones available on the market today include tech toys. These are highly recommended for kids, because they do not only help children to become creative, they help kids to develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. When you want to buy from an online store, you have to look for the most appropriate ones.
With the advancement of technology, these are playing a more active role in children’s development. Perhaps, the most important benefit young people derive from it is that it helps to educate them. There are several educational toys available on the market, which would help to educate your kids. Before you use any, you must consider different factors. Apart from serving educational purposes, they are important recreational and fun tools. Always check the basic features, and ensure that it meets all your requirements.
Educational toys can be useful once they were not monotonous. When it becomes monotonous, child’s interest would be lost. Children do not like any toy not that is not interest them. As the child advances in age, you keep changing them. You have to bring in toys with different shapes and colors.
You have to educate your children through those toys without putting undue pressure on them. However, they must be engaging mentally, physically and emotionally. These have to be such that they have to crave for it on their own.
Perhaps, the toughest challenge you might face is selecting the right ones for your kids. Depending on the purpose for which you want those toys, you should always focus on those ones your children want, and which they would benefit from. Select those that give them joy and satisfaction.
While selecting the best toys for your kids, you should look for those that could perk your kids. You can always tell this from the type of cartoons they watch on television, and from the types of play that they enjoy most. However, in selecting toys, child safety should be the topmost priority. You must not buy the ones with sharp edges that could inflict injuries to your kids.

Moreover, you have to select toys that would help them educationally. Depending on the age of your child, you have to be selective in the type you choose for them. Choose only those that would help them and do away with those that could cause them injuries.
Moreover, you have to consider the toy quality before you buy any. Look for those brand names such as Disney, Mattel, Hasbro etc who care for the quality and safety of use. You can determine the quality of the materials used in producing it. You know that your kids would use the them rough, it is better that you look for those produced with the highest quality materials available in the industry. Such toys should not break easily. Even if it breaks, it should not be difficult to repair it.
In terms of safety, always pay attention to the type of chemicals used in producing such toys. Chemicals must not be such that constitute danger to the children who would use them.

Girl Toys

Choosing the right girl toy is a difficult challenge for parents, because there are so many different types of toys on the market. If you want to make your daughter happy, you have to carry out research of the top girls toys to make your choice. There are many factors you have to consider before you make your choice. You have to consider such issues as the educational value of the toy. The most important desire for parents regarding their children is to give them education. You can start this early enough with educational and other sensible girls toys. It is recommended that you buy the best toys for your baby girl. You should know what she likes, and does not like before you make that choice. Perhaps, the best educational toy you can buy for your baby girl is the Dollhouse toy. The toy was glamorous in different ways. It sounds better, and it impacts lots of knowledge to your kids. In our store you will find a great selection of Girls Toys.

Boys Toys

Buying boy toys can be difficult for most parents, especially those who do not know how to go about it. Getting toys for boys is indeed difficult, because it is not easy to discover what boys really want. Before you make your choice, it is advisable to make your research and get that toy that would influence your boy positively. You have to research such trendy toys on the market such as Lego, transformers, Toy Drones, as well as GI Joe among other trending brands. Research has shown that these toys have impact on your kids. There are other brands on the market, and these were designed to satisfy the educational needs of your kids. Boys toys should help your kid to develop mentally, psychologically and physically. As your boy grows, help him to mature with useful toys.

Tech Toys

Advancement in technology is helping parents in different ways. These days, there are different technological toys, which parents can use to train their children. Technological toys should be part of your children educational development. Tech toys help children to play on their own, and interact with other children. Tech toys should serve as learning tools, and kids should use them in their early stages. Such toys help develop the children’s learning abilities later in their lives. Kids should interact with the tech toys. The device should be directing the kids so that they would be gaining experience as they use the tools. There are different types of tech toys. One of the new ones you can use for your kids includes the V tech toys. It is the most educational and fun toy you can get for your kids this season.

Educational Toys

Educational toys represent the best learning toys. You would discover that most of the toys available on the market today are educational in different ways. Toys tailored toward child’s development are meant at encouraging interaction between the child, and the toy and this impact the child positively. Educational toys are meant to stimulate your child’s development. It also influences the child’s problem solving capability. Development toys help kids develop mentally, because it makes them to think about what they are doing, as well as evaluate what could happen next. Various educational toys are available on the market, and many of them are available in the electronics form. You may not restrict your kids to only one educational toy. It would be better to expose them to different toys, as this would positively enhance their creative and thinking abilities.

Baby & Toddler Toys

It remains the desire of most parents to acquire toddler toys for their babies. These are needed for the babies because it adds to their happiness. Apart from that, these toys help them to play and reason as they play. The most difficult challenges confronting mothers is discovering the best toys for babies. That is not easy, because there are different brands on the market. Toddlers would always like colorful toys, because it catches their interests most. It would be better if different color toys were bought for toddlers, because it would help to expose them to different visions on time. You can always make your choice based on what you want for your kids. Toys can be a costly investment, especially if you opt for those expensive ones. It is recommended that you search for only durable toys as they can last for a long time.

Fun toys

Toys are meant for different purposes. No matter the purpose, you use your toy; it would give you fun and satisfaction. When your child is in the very tender age, you need fun toys to keep her happy. Discovering the best fun toys for kids would not be easy, because it would be difficult for you to determine which of these would bring fun and happiness to your kid. Before you make such a purchase, it is recommended that you check the internet for the fun stuff toys available on the market. You should look for the ones safe for kids. Because of their age, fun factory toys should not be composed of dangerous chemicals, which could affect the health of your kids. Look for those that would enhance the educational and mental development of your kids.

Action Toys

If you have kids that like adventures, it is better that you buy them action toys. There are different types of action figures, which would enhance your child’s imagination anytime he sees it. There are different forms of hot toys action figures. Perhaps, your kids would like toy guns, toy story, skill games, as well as trucks and train toys among others. These can indeed be very exciting and they can be good gifts for your children during festive seasons like Christmas. There are different brands of action toys ranging from downtown products, transformers, as well as Lego, and a host of others.


There are different types of Lego toys on the market today. Lego set and Lego story provide fun for children when they are given to them as gifts. Lego story for instance helps

the child to become creative right from the tender age. Kids would be taught in early days of how to arrange those toy sets to create wonderful things. Lego brands are considered the best, because of their ingenuity. The toys have different colors and this help grab kid’s attention. This is the great way to train your kids to become creative in the future.

Construction toys

As your child continues to grow, you have to help them grow using construction toys. Boys are always more creative as they grow, the best way to bring out the creativity in the kids is by giving them construction toys for boys. Kid’s construction kits become very useful for them as they attain the age of seven, and above. This is the period always considered as the defining period of their lives. At this time, they acquire their mannerisms and other traits and skills that would guide them. This is the learning period and you can enhance their creativity by using construction set toys. It is necessary that as your child grows, you help them with the best mental nutrients and stimulus. You can achieve that through construction kits. It would help your kids a lot.

Star Wars Toys

There are different types of star wars action figures. If you browse through reputable online toystores like the TopToysToday, you would notice that star wars toys are among the best that you could buy for your kids. Star wars toys are popular among kids, because it incorporates the newest pop culture. Various series on the market mean that you would not find it difficult to buy one for your kids. Always research the market before you make your choice, and buy from trusted websites. We are proud to say that we have good reputation and we have many happy customers.

Drones and Quadcopters

In the fast paced and ever changing world of technology there is always something new on the market that grabs our attention as a whole. From the newest iPhone to the latest tech gadgets there's always something trendy popping up. One of the newest and coolest technologies out there are fast powered drones. Drones and Quadcopters were once unheard of but now they are becoming more and more popular as each day passes. The days of racing those remote control cars down the neighborhood street are quickly becoming a fading, distant memory. Now you can take to the skies and enjoy a whole new level of fun with your family and friends. These popular, high quality products, are great for fun with the family or for competition against other avid drone flyers. It really is a whole new world. Who ever thought

Drones are perfect for business as well as pleasure. Looking for an activity to bring the whole family together? A Drone will keep you busy for hours! Filming a documentary? Drones and Quadcopters with built-in HD cameras are one of the best choices for filming those desired shots, especially at exclusive locations. Drones are also perfect for someone looking to pick up a new and exciting hobby; giving you hours of fun and something new in your life. Owning your very own Drone or Quadcopter will leave you with a big smile and absolutely no regrets.

Keep in mind that owning a Drone or Quadcopter may be illegal in certain areas, so make sure to follow any local laws or statutes. You should also be sure to use your drone properly. Make sure you aren't trespassing or invading other people's privacy by flying your Drone or Quadcopter. Take to the skies with responsibility and you will have endless hours of fun!

New Toys 2017 | New Toys 2018

There are some great new toys now already have hit the market for 2017. These are the top new toys of 2017 that children all over the country had been asking for.

FurReal Roarin Tyler, the Playful Tiger Soft Toys

This toy is a great interactive toy for small children. When the child makes a sound at the tiger he is able to roar back at them. This tiger is able to provide a response for up to 100 different sounds. When he is given a toy he is able to interact and play with it. The legs on the tiger are able to move and he can even give the child a hug.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building Kit

This will allow a child to explore their creativity and see what type of things they can make. This kit has over 840 pieces as well as move hub, and interactive motor. This motor can detect different colors as well as have the ability to sense distances. When a child follows the direction to build a robot it can stand over 10 inches tall. There are also directions on how to build a guitar. A child can express their creativity.

Star Wars Hero Droid BB 8 by Spin Master

This toy is full interactive and is great for those that are Star Wars form. This toy is over 16 inches in height and will respond to both voice and sound commands. It has a motor sensor for moving around as well. This toy has a Follow Me mode where it can roll alongside the child. This toy has authentic lights as well as sound effects and is an exact replica from the movie.

These are some of the cool New Toys of 2018 through to 2019.The toys use the latest technology to keep the child entertained for hours. These toys are interactive and they are great for children of all ages.