Top 5 High Tech Toys For Children Of All Ages

5 Tech Toys That Children Of All Ages Love

When playing with these tech toys you will enjoy them as much as your child.

All of these have been tested and played with to make sure they were fun for all the ages of children in your house and even yourself as well. For other category of toys you may go back to our home page.

BB 8 by the Sphero company

This toy is great for children and adults that liked Star Wars-The Force Awakens. Children want to see this movie over and over again. The child will love the BB 8 toy which they may refer to as the soccer ball droid. This BB8 Tech Toys cost around $150 and is a robot. It is controlled by a smartphone or a tablet. The robot does not beep or make a sound but has a lot of personality. It can shake its little robot head and respond to a serious of voice commands. Try asking the robot how it feels and you will be surprised by the answer.

When the BB8 it put into drive mode you can make it go wherever you want. The Patrol mode will allow this robot to explore on its own and you can see its sensor data on the screen of your phone or tablet. Message mode will allow you to record a video and then have the B8 play the video back as a hologram on your screen.

The BB8 is fun for the entire family. For the younger ones it can be a bit frustrating to drive around. Older kids should have no problem with it. This is the perfect droid for a family that loves Star Wars.

LeapFrog Epic

It can be a challenge to find a good tablet for a child. The LeapFrog Epic tablet is fun for young children and educational as well.

This tablet costs $140, has a seven inch screen, Android operating system, dual cameras, and a rubber bumper for protection. The 1024×680 screen has an 1.3 GH processor but allows a child to have a fun experience.

Each child can have their own account and customize the home screen as well as their own virtual pets. There are many games to choose from that are fun and educational. There are also hints if the child is struggling so they do not become frustrated.

The games and videos range in price from $5 to $20 and they can be set of different levels of difficulty. Parents can have access to decide what apps their children can use and set time limits. The LeapSearch is a browser that has family friendly content so parents can be assured their child will not have access to adult content.

Kidizoom Smartwach

This smartwatch DX is made from Vtech and is the second generation of these smartwatches. It has even more games, activities, and additional memory , This is great for children that like to take pictures and videos. The watch comes with right games and has a 3D display. This watch also has an alarm, timer, stopwatch features, a calculator, and a calendar.

View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

The price for this tech toys stat around $30 and additional packs are around $15. The view master does require a smartphone to work and is best for those ages 7 and up.

This view master shows things in 3D and has interactive features. The photo reel allows a child to see things from a 360 degree angle as well as animations.

The view master has a plastic viewer which allows the child to see images on the smartphone as well. There is a free app and goggles for the user to look through. Children can see things such as the solar system, wilderness, and other landmarks. Children can also learn more about the things they are viewing on a pop up dialog box.

Anki Overdrive

Slot cars used to be fun and exciting. This car has a little robot behind the wheel that is able to sense the track as well as the other cars. You do not have to help it around turns. All you have to do is tilt your smartphone and the car will change lanes. There are buttons on your phone to make it speed up, slow down, and even fire weapons.

The weapons are not real. They are a series of blinking lights to show shooting. The car that is hit will also blink. When a car is hit it will slow down allowing each race the chance to get ahead. This car has several different modes as well as a story mode. A player can battle against virtual players or their friends. Anki Overdrive track has eight pieces and a person can put them together in different ways. The cars will learn their way around the track. The starter kit is priced at $150 and has two cars and eight pieces of track. Each additional car is priced at $50. There are additional track pieces for purchase but they are not as interesting as most people would think.

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