Barbie Eco-Leadership Team 4 Doll Set

Barbie 4 Doll Set Eco-Leadership Team, Recycled Plastic (Except Head & Hair), Recycled Clothes, Accessories

Welcome to Barbie Eco Leadership Team! They are on a mission to help girls everywhere learn about the importance of protecting the planet. Protecting and developing eco-friendly habits.

The team is dedicated to bringing awareness to environmental topics. This includes climate change, green energy, sustainability, and conservation. They strive to create an open space that encourages girls to get involved in the conversation and take action within their own communities. The Barbie Eco Leadership Team is here to show how to explore and protect our planet.

Barbie Eco Leadership Team - 4 dolls and their respected accessories.

The Eco Leadership Team includes 4 different Barbie dolls. Each with its own specialties when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment. Each doll comes with her own special accessory which allows for interactive play. The set also provides educational information on each of the topics about real-life women making positive changes for our environment.

Renewable Energy Engineer

A Renewable Energy Engineer supports the use of sustainable forms of energy such as solar power, wind, geothermal or hydroelectric energy. They research ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels and improve energy use. This is done by designing machines that generate and distribute renewable sources. Do you like inventing sustainable, creative solutions through science and technology? You can be a Renewable Energy Engineer!

Young girl with the Barbie Eco Leadership Team 4 dolls

Chief Sustainability Officer

She works with a company or organization to make sure its actions and products are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. They also help plan and implement sustainability strategies. These include helping a company reduce its environmental impact and developing products that solve problems affecting the planet. Do you like collaborating and working as a team to help the environment? You can be a Chief Sustainability Officer!

Conservation Scientist

A Conservation Scientist researches and takes action to understand and protect forests, parks, rangelands, and important natural resources. They work with organizations to research and plan land usage and conservation activities. These activities are preparing locations for new trees, preventing wildfires, and conserving water. Do you like problem-solving and protecting the environment? You can be a Conservation Scientist!

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Environmental Advocate

An Environmental Advocate is an individual who takes creative action to solve social and environmental problems. The environmental problems in their community and around the world. They advocate for protecting the planet, organize environmental events, and inspire others to volunteer in their own communities. Do you like working in your community to create and drive positive change? You can be an Environmental Advocate!

Conclusion: Empowering the Future

The Barbie Eco Leadership Team is a powerful example of how modern children can be empowered. They can make a positive difference in their own lives, and the environment. The team of inspiring young women demonstrates that it’s never too early to take action in tackling global issues.

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Having established an environmental program, they are now actively engaging with different stakeholders. Thus making meaningful changes within their community. With this project, they have inspired other girls around the world to Take initiatives that focus on sustainability.

It is encouraging to see young people taking ownership of their future. They are working together towards a common goal – one that will benefit us all. The Barbie Eco Leadership Team has set an inspirational example of what can be achieved. An example is when individuals work together towards a better tomorrow.

Barbie Eco Leadership Team - Environmental Advocate holding a Barbie sign

Product Features and Highlights

» Explore a world of learning about the environment and sustainability.
» The set includes 4 unique dolls that come with career-related clothing and accessories.
» These dolls are made from recycled plastic and wear clothing made from recycled fabric

– Conservation Scientist with binoculars and a notebook
Researches and takes action to protect forests, parks, and important natural resources.

– Renewable Energy Engineer with a hard hat, safety vest, solar panel, and tablet
Supports the use of sustainable energy like solar, wind, hydroelectric energy, etc.

– Chief Sustainability Officer with a laptop and cell phone
Ensures company/organization’s actions & products are economically, environmentally & socially sustainable.

– Environmental Advocate with camera and sign
Takes creative action to solve social and environmental problems in communities and around the world.

» All highlight career fields in which women are underrepresented.
» Especially for those who love the environment & want to make the planet a healthier place.
» Makes a great gift for ages 3 years old and up.