Cry Babies First Emotions Dreamy Baby Doll

Cry Babies Interactive First Emotions Dreamy Baby Doll with 65+ Emotions and Baby Sounds

The Cry Babies First Emotions Doll is the perfect way to help your child learn about and express their emotions. This doll is specifically designed to help children aged 3-7 years old understand and express their feelings.

The doll comes with 65+ emotions, and its own facial expressions and sounds. With her dreamy eyes and interactive features, she is sure to become your child’s new best friend.

Cry Babies First Emotions - The doll and the accessories

Discover Cry Babies First Emotions!

This Dreamy Cry Baby has beautiful rainbow-rooted hair and wears a removable and trendy outfit with matching shoes. What makes the First Emotions doll so amazing is her 65-plus expressions, sounds, and movements. Also, included in this fun pack are 4 accessories: A baby bottle to feed her, an ice cream cone rattle to play with, a brush to comb her rainbow hair, and a passy for when she gets fussy.
Kids will start to discover different ways to care for and play with their baby. From the moment she opens her eyes and wakes up, dreamy will Amaze you with her lifelike facial expressions and sounds.

Cry Babies First Emotions with 65+ Expressions, Movements and Sounds

She cries real tears and her facial expression will change. She will frown and her eyebrows will move too! Dreamy baby doll babbles and plays just like a real baby. This toy is great for kids ages 3 years and up.

Little girl playing with the Cry Babies First Emotions Baby Doll

Why Should You Get It?

Kids get the chance to care for and play with her.
It’s great for role-playing fun.
She has over 65 expressions.
She cries real tears.
Her facial expression will change.

But Cry babies are usually a bit heavy, so smaller kids may have difficulty carrying them around.
Since this toy uses water it can get a little messy.

Little girl feeding the Cry Babies First Emotions Doll

In conclusion, the Cry Babies First Emotions Interactive Baby Doll is a great toy for kids who are just learning about emotions. It’s a great way for them to learn how to express themselves and understand the different emotions that they feel. The First Emotions Doll is interactive and realistic. It is also durable and safe. The doll is very well made and designed, and it is affordable.

Little girl combing Cry Babies First Emotions doll's hair

Product Features and Highlights

» Cry Babies First Emotions Dreamy is an adorable interactive baby doll.
» She will amaze you with over 65+ expressions, movements, and baby sounds!
» Discover different ways to care for and play with Dreamy!
» Tickle her belly to make her laugh, lay her down to put her to sleep.
» She cries real tears, give her a baby bottle when she’s hungry. There are more!
» Dreamy will amaze you with her life-like expressions and sounds – just like a real baby!

Little girl putting Cry Babies First Emotions to sleep
» She wears a personalized trendy unicorn baby outfit with matching shoes.
» Comes with a baby bottle, a personalized ice cream rattle, a hairbrush, and a pacifier.
» First Emotions Dreamy doll gives kids the chance to care for and play with a lifelike baby doll.
» Kids can nurture and care for the doll like a real parent! Perfect doll for roleplay.
» Recommended for children ages 3+ years.