DEANCO Prank Kit – The Ultimate Gift Set for Pranksters

DEANCO The Prank Attack Gag Kit Practical Jokes Party Favors 30 pcs

The DEANCO Prank Kit, or Prank Attack Gag Pack, is an amusing way to play practical jokes on your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. With 30 pieces, this kit includes classic and modern pranks, magic tricks, and props sure to elicit hilarious reactions. You’ll find fake bugs, shocking gum, fake poop, and other items that will make any occasion, whether it’s April Fool’s Day or Halloween, more entertaining. This prank kit is an excellent way to add humor to your daily life.

Design and Quality

The Prank Attack Gag Pack from DEANCO is packaged in a robust and long-lasting container, making it convenient to transport and keep. The props and pranks included in the set are constructed from premium materials for an authentic and believable appearance. This kit is appropriate for children aged 10-12 and adults who appreciate fun and humor.

Features and Functionality


– 30-piece prank toys and props
– Classic and new pranks included
– Suitable for kids aged 10-12 and fun-loving adults
– Great for parties, holidays, and social gatherings
– Perfect for April Fool’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and Halloween activities


The DEANCO Prank Kit includes a wide range of pranks, props, magic tricks, and jokes that can fit different scenarios and get different fun reactions. Some of the pranks included in the kit are fake bugs, stress squeezing chicken, shocking gum, a shocking pen, fake poop, a nail in the finger, children’s vampire teeth, 1 stretchy fake tongue, 1 whoopee cushion, 1 fake snake, Halloween props. With this kit, you can flex your prank muscles and have endless laughter with your friends and family.

Boy with the DEANCO Prank Kit and some items displayed

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to other prank kits on the market, the DEANCO Prank Kit offers a wider range of pranks and props that are both classic and new. The quality of the materials used in the kit is also higher, and the kit is suitable for a wider age range of kids and adults.

Pros and Cons
of DEANCO Prank Kit


– Wide range of pranks and props included
– High-quality materials used
– Suitable for a wider age range of kids and adults
– Great for parties and social gatherings
– Perfect for holiday activities


– Some of the pranks may not work as well as expected
– Some of the props may have a strong chemical smell
– The whoopee cushion could be improved in terms of sound quality
Classic Prank Items in Prank Attack Gag Pack

Why This Product is Better Than Other Products

The DEANCO Prank Attack Gag Pack provides a broader spectrum of practical jokes and props than its competitors. Moreover, the materials utilized in the kit are of superior quality, rendering the pranks and props more authentic and believable. Furthermore, the kit caters to a wider age group of children and adults, making it an excellent gift for prank enthusiasts.

Tips and Tricks for Users

– Read the instructions carefully before using each prank or prop
– Practice the pranks and props before using them on your friends and family
– Have a straight face and act convincingly to make the pranks more effective
– Use the pranks and props in different scenarios to get different reactions

Realistic Fake Rubber Snake Shocking pen and Shocking gum

whoopee cushion Fart toy fake bugs


Q: Is the DEANCO Prank Kit suitable for kids?
A: Yes, the kit is suitable for kids aged 10+ and fun-loving adults.

Q: Are the pranks and props included in the kit realistic?
A: Yes, the pranks and props are made of high-quality materials and are designed to look realistic and convincing.

Q: Can the pranks and props be reused?
A: Yes, most of the pranks and props can be reused multiple times.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Customers who purchased the prank kit were pleased with their experience. Many found it a great gift for children, providing hours of laughter and entertainment. The box was packed with various items, including bugs, a textured tongue, a chicken/egg keychain, and a buzzing pen. The kit was also great for engaging the whole family, with children pranking adults and laughing all day. However, some customers found that the whoopee cushion and fake cigarette could be improved, and the fake poop and tongue had a strong chemical smell. Despite this, customers highly recommend the kit for family fun and a break from electronics. The kit provided an opportunity for good old-fashioned pranking, with children looking forward to using more of the products on unsuspecting neighborhood kids.
Fake Tounge - Can Stretch, Can get stuck


The DEANCO Prank Kit is the perfect present for pranksters who enjoy a good laugh with loved ones. It contains 30 classic and modern pranks, props, magic tricks, and jokes that promise endless entertainment for social events, holidays, and parties. The kit’s high-quality materials enhance the realism of the pranks and props, making them more convincing. Additionally, the kit is suitable for a broader age range of both children and adults. Order the DEANCO Prank Attack Gag Pack today and get ready to prank your friends and family!