Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys 320 pcs Flexible Tracks

Dinosaur Race Car Track 320 pc Toys Create Dinosaur World Road Race, Flexible Tracks with 360 Loop and Auto Turntable Playset

The Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys set is brilliant, it’s fun and robust. You can move it to make different track shapes. It’s very easy to put together and allows you to be creative, making your own layouts. The dinosaur cars are cute and they are the perfect size for little hands. They do require 1 single “AA” size battery each (not included). The dinosaur gate swings open easily and the dinosaurs race through the track with ease.

This amazing dinosaur flexible race track set comes with 320 pieces for endless adventures, packed with fun events for both boys and girls. The flexible tracks can be twisted, turned, and adjusted to form different shapes and sizes to accommodate any scenario and space. The playset also includes 3 battery-operated cars for multiple-player fun. Both single and separate players can build more than one track at a time.

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High-quality track pieces connect to each other with a child-friendly soft locking mechanism. No need to worry about getting fingers caught while building. Once built, the tracks are very flexible, allowing your child to set it up in any shape imaginable. The individual tracks are made with a strong and durable material which guarantees the long life of our toys. Dimensions of the track pieces: The length of a single-section track piece is about 0.984 inches (2.5 cm), the spliced length is 0.709 inches (1.8 cm), and the total length of the 250-section track is about 177.2 inches (450 cm). The outer width of the track is 2.91 inches (7.4 cm), and the track width of the inner diameter is 2.2 inches (5.6 cm).

The dinosaur roar can be turned off. There is a sensor above the dinosaur head, when the car passes by, it will make the dinosaur roar. The sound sensor requires the installation of batteries with an on and off button. If you do not need the sound, you can turn off the sound sensor switch or take off the sound sensor, it will not make a sound.

The car walks along the track, there is no remote control, and no remote control is needed. Install 1 AA battery and the car will drive along the track. The Playset comes with thoroughly detailed instructions and is fully illustrated making it easy for kids of any age to understand and follow. Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys are of premium quality materials. Made from non-toxic materials, easy to wash, and clean with hot or cold water.
Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys - A kid with assembled set, playing
Play is the path kids take to learning. This dinosaur race car track set can help your kids to expand their cognitive, cooperative, emotional, language, and motor abilities! The toy encourages open-ended play and inspires any imagination. This wonderful dinosaur track toy set will be one of the best gifts for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Halloween, Easter, etc.

The package includes 300 pieces of race tracks, 3 cars, 3 dinosaurs, 2 dinosaur heads, 1 Y-tracks, 1 intersection, 2 doors, 1 360 Degree Loop, and 1 auto turntable.
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Features and Highlights of Dinosaur Race Car Track Toys

• Upgrade on the original track. Now includes dinosaur sound and a 360-degree loop
• The car climbs the 360° stunt loop like a roller coaster
• When the car passes through the dinosaur head tunnel, it will make a roaring sound
• When arrives at the automatic Turntable, the car will automatically turn 360 degrees and return to the original road
• This Dinosaur track toy combines the dinosaur and racing themes, what an exciting adventure!
• Exercise children’s imagination for free splicing and build their own track toys
• Let the children build an amazing world of dinosaurs by themselves
• The dinosaur roar can be turned on or off
• Flexible race tracks – Easy to assemble and disassemble
• These flexible tracks can be bent, rotated, bent, and adjusted to form a desired length and width track
• Children can follow the instructions and complete the track independently
• Conducive to the development of children’s thinking ability and imagination
• All parts are made of the highest quality environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic
• The edges and corners of the parts are polished smooth and will not hurt little hands
• It is harmless to children and they can play happily and comfortably
• These dinosaur tracks are suitable for all children over 3 years old
• Dino track toys will bring endless fun to children. Girls and boys will love it
• The exquisite gift box design is very suitable for gifts to children on Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays