Fire Breathing Bowser 7” Figure

Get ready for fiery action with Fire Breathing Bowser! Perfect for Mario enthusiasts

Fire Breathing Bowser figure (from The Super Mario Bros. Movie) brings the iconic character to life with an exciting fire-breathing effect. This action figure is inspired by the movie, featuring premium detailing and 15 points of articulation. The included dropper allows you to activate the fire-breathing feature by adding water to Bowser’s reservoir, creating an illuminated atomized vapor effect. This collectible is designed for kids and collectors alike, making it a perfect gift for any Super Mario fan.

Design and Quality

The Super Mario Bros Movie Bowser Action Figure stands approximately 7 inches tall and boasts premium detailing, making it an eye-catching addition to any desk or bookshelf. The 15 points of articulation allow for dynamic posing and display. The premium window box packaging adds to the appeal, making it suitable for both play and display purposes.
Full front view of the Fire Breathing Bowser Figure

Features and Functionality


– 7-inch tall Bowser figure with premium detailing.
– 15 points of articulation for dynamic posing.
– Fire-breathing effect with illuminated atomized vapor
– Includes a dropper for easy water addition.
– Fire Breathing Bowser comes in a premium window box for display.
– Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included).
– Collectible item for fans of all ages.
– Based on Bowser’s appearance in the Super Mario Bros. Movie.
– Can be paired with other Super Mario Bros. Movie action figures and playsets.


The Fire Breathing Bowser figure is not just for display but also offers interactive play. By adding water to the reservoir on the back of Bowser’s hair using the included dropper and pressing the side spike, kids can activate the “fire-breathing” feature. The illuminated atomized vapor that shoots from Bowser’s mouth adds excitement and realism to playtime.
Full size side view of the Fire Breathing Bowser

Pros and Cons
of Fire Breathing Bowser


– Realistic fire-breathing effect adds excitement
– Premium detailing for lifelike appearance
– 15 points of articulation for dynamic posing
– Compact 7” size perfect for play and display
– Perfect size for desks and shelves
– Easy activation with included dropper and spike
– The Fire Breathing Bowser is an ideal gift for Super Mario fans


– Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
– Water needed to activate the fire-breathing feature
– Water may cause a mess during play
Young Boy playing with the 7


Q: How do I activate the fire-breathing feature on the Bowser figure?
A: To activate Bowser’s fire-breathing effect, simply add water to the reservoir located on the back of his hair using the provided dropper. After that, press the side spike on the figure. This action will cause an illuminated mist to shoot out from Bowser’s mouth, mimicking fire breath.

Q: What kind of batteries do I need for the Bowser figure, and are they included?
A: The Bowser figure requires 3x AAA batteries to operate the fire-breathing light effect. Please note that these batteries are not included with the figure. You’ll need to purchase them separately before you can use the light-up feature.

Q: Can the Fire Breathing Bowser figure be displayed in its packaging?
A: Absolutely! Bowser comes in a premium window box that beautifully showcases the figure. It’s perfect for collectors who prefer to keep their figures in mint condition while on display.

Q: Are there other figures available from The Super Mario Bros. Movie?
A: Yes, there are additional action figures and playsets available from The Super Mario Bros. Movie collection. Each is sold separately, and they all make for wonderful additions to any Super Mario collection.

Q: How do I maintain the fire-breathing feature on the Bowser figure?
A: To ensure the feature works properly, always empty the reservoir after use and refrain from using anything other than clean water. If the vaporizer becomes clogged or dirty, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance.

Q: Is this figure an official Super Mario product?
A: Yes, the Super Mario Bros Movie Bowser Action Figure is officially licensed merchandise, inspired by The Super Mario Bros. Movie created by Nintendo and Illumination.

Q: What should I do if the fire-breathing feature stops working?
A: First, check to ensure the batteries are still functioning and replace them if necessary. If the feature still does not work, consult the troubleshooting section of the product’s manual or contact customer service for support.
Press to activate button on Fire Breathing Bowser

User Experiences and Testimonials

Customers have shared their experiences with the Fire Breathing Bowser figure toy, praising its high performance and durability. They appreciate the special effects, such as the fire-breathing feature, and find it exciting and perfect for gifting. Some encountered issues with the smoke effect and the tiny instructions, but overall, they found the toy to be detailed and well-made.

While some were disappointed by the price drop after their purchase, others were understanding and focused on their grandson’s happiness. Despite minor setbacks like packaging damage, the general consensus is positive, with users recommending the toy for its appeal to kids and collectors. With its impressive features and sturdy design, the Bowser figure has garnered enthusiasm from customers, making it a sought-after gift for kids who love imaginative play.
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Fire Breathing Bowser having 15 Points of articulation


The Super Mario Bros. Movie 7” Fire Breathing Bowser figure is a fun and interactive collectible for fans of the franchise. With its 15 points of articulation and the unique “fire-breathing” feature, it provides an engaging play experience. The ability to add water and activate the vapor effect adds an exciting element to the figure.

The premium window box makes it ideal for display, and the 7-inch size is perfect for desks or bookshelves. While the figure requires 3x AAA batteries and water for the fire-breathing effect, it may pose a minor inconvenience. Overall, this Fire Breathing Bowser would make an excellent gift for Super Mario fans, offering both play value and display appeal. Whether for kids or collectors, this figure brings the movie’s character to life in an engaging and entertaining way.