FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van

Lighting Camper Van Building Set by FUNWHOLE – The Perfect Camper Van for Your Next Adventure

The FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van is an exciting and unique construction building bricks set that is perfect for teens and adults. With 1,741 pieces, this set allows you to build a fully-furnished camper van with a retro truck-style design and dim yellow LED headlights. The set also includes a lighting kit that can be powered by either a USB port or a battery pack. Get ready for a fun and entertaining camping adventure with this detailed and customizable camper van.

Design and Quality

The FUNWHOLE Camper Van Building Set features a retro truck-style design with dim yellow LED headlights that give it a nostalgic and beautiful old-time feel. The set includes a detailed, fully-furnished interior with a kitchenette, dining table, sofa, flip-open roof, sleeping area, and even a bathroom. The exterior also features a ladder design on one side, perfect for lounging on the roof and stargazing at night.

The set is made of high-quality building bricks that are tightly connected, ensuring sturdy and durable construction. The LED lighting kit has passed a rigorous quality check, and the included instruction manual provides step-by-step guidance for easy assembly. The manufacturer also offers a 2-year free warranty for added peace of mind.
Full view of the Assembled FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van

Features and Functionality


– 1741-piece building set for creating a detailed and fully-furnished camper van
– Features a kitchenette, dining table, sofa, flip-open roof, sleeping area, and bathroom
– Retro truck-style exterior design with dim yellow LED headlights
– Detachable structure design allows for customization of interior details
– Includes a lighting kit powered by USB or battery pack (not included)
– Two solar panels capture and convert sunlight into electricity
– High-quality clamping blocks and bricks that interlock tightly
– Retro truck style and dim yellow lights evoke a sense of nostalgia
– Authentic camper details including a shaded area and ladder design for stargazing
– Playful building bricks set and unique LED light design add more fun for both adults and kids
– Detailed paper manual and numbered bags of bricks for easy assembly
– Extra pieces included for added customization options
– 2-year free warranty provided for peace of mind.


The FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van is not only a fun and entertaining construction set, but it also serves as a display piece or collection. The LED lighting kit can be powered by either a USB port or a battery pack (not included), providing a warm and cozy atmosphere. Two solar panels capture and convert the sun’s energy into electricity, adding a touch of eco-friendliness to the set.

The detachable structure design allows you to customize the interior details according to your preferences, making it a unique and personalized camper van. The set is compatible with Lego minifigures, adding to the playability and creativity of the set.

FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van Set's Package List FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van - Installing Bricks and Lights

Pros and Cons
of FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van


– Detailed Camper Model Makes Great Display
– Authentic Camper Details; Detachable Structure Design
– Home Entertainment; Quality Guarantee; Great Value
– Can Power Lights with USB
– Extra Pieces Included
– Separated Sections for Easier Building
– Good Quality Clamping Blocks; Good Quality Bricks
– Many Small Details; Chic Design
– Thick Instruction Manual; Senior-friendly Manual


– Cables Too Delicate
– Cables Are In the Way
– Some Pieces Don’t Match Book Instructions
– Pinching Wires



Tips and Tricks for Users

– Be careful when handling the delicate cables, as they can easily break.
– Make sure to plan the cable routing before assembling the camper van to avoid any obstructions.
– Double-check the pieces and compare them with the instruction manual to ensure they match.
– Take your time and follow the step-by-step instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes.
– Use a power bank as a power supply for the USB lights to avoid draining the battery quickly.


Q: Can the top part of the camper be removed separately? Will it affect the lighting?
A: Yes, the upper part of the camper can be detached separately, and it won’t affect the lighting.

Q: How’s the quality of the bricks? Are they tightly connected?
A: Yes, the bricks are tightly connected, and the colors and design are pleasing to the eye.

Q: What scale should we use for minifigs? Could we use the figures from other Lego sets?
A: The Minifigures in this set are the same height as Lego Minifigures, so they can be put in the car. However, the ratio of the minifigures is small, so you can also build your own characters.

Q: Can we add a motor to the camper?
A: No, the chassis of the RV is too low to support an additional motor.

Q: Can I power the lights with USB instead of the battery box?
A: Yes, as long as the power supply device is DC 5V, you can use the USB cable. It is recommended to use a power bank for the power supply.
FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van - Cozy spaces (Kitchen, Living Room, and Bedroom0

User Experiences and Testimonials

The FUNWHOLE camper van is an exceptional building block set that provides an exciting and unique experience. Featuring a retro truck style and dim yellow lights, warm and thoughtful lighting, and a furnished interior with a dining table, kitchenette, sofa, bathroom, flip-open roof, and sleeping area, it brings a sense of nostalgia and a perfect getaway for camping. The detachable design allows for customizing the interior, and the LED lighting kit adds to the adventure. The 1741-piece set is compatible with Lego minifigures and comes with a detailed paper manual and step-by-step numbered bags of bricks. The building bricks and lighting kit have been rigorously quality checked, and a 2-year free warranty is provided.

The online reviews of the FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper-Van Building Set are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers appreciate the set for its precise parts and lighting, its classic camper model, and its warm-colored lighting which takes them back to nostalgic and beautiful old days. They find the value of the set great, as it is similar to the Lego Pickup Truck set with the 1950s era and dark red color, but with a unique camper part. They also find the set fun to build and worth the money. The only downside they mention is that the cables are too delicate for the amount of handling they need and that they are in the way.
FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van is a Detailed Camper Model


The FUNWHOLE Lighting Camper Van an exceptional construction building bricks set that combines nostalgic design with functional features. With its retro truck-style design, warm lighting, and fully-furnished interior, it provides hours of fun and entertainment for both teens and adults. The detachable structure design allows for customization, and the LED lighting kit adds an extra touch of realism. The high-quality building bricks and included instruction manual ensure a satisfying building experience. Whether you’re a fan of camper vehicles or simply looking for a unique and personalized construction set, the FUNWHOLE Camper Van Building Set is a great choice.