Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset with Figures & Accessories

Gabby’s Dollhouse Purr-ific Pool Playset with Figures, Color-Changing Mermaid Tails, and Pool Accessories

Prepare yourself for some cat-tastic sunbathing in the Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset with Gabby and Mercat. Gabby’s Dollhouse Purr-ific Pool Playset brings a whole new level of imaginative play to the dollhouse experience.

Join Gabby and MerCat, who have color-changing mermaid tails, as they enjoy a fun-filled day at the pool, but not before you unbox your dollhouse delivery as Gabby does in the show to discover a surprise toy that will take part in the adventure.

Put on Gabby’s mermaid tail before climbing up the ladder to the top of the slide after unboxing your dollhouse delivery. Head to the pool to find the hidden portrait of MerCat’s sister, Sunny Cat, and the giant clam beneath the slide. Their amazing color-changing mermaid tails will activate when you give Gabby and Mercat a quick squirt of warm water with the Squiddy Kitty squirter. After several trips up and down the slide, Gabby can take off her mermaid tail and lounge with MerCat on the pool floats. They can spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool.

Gabby's Dollhouse Pool Playset - Time for a pool party Gabby's Dollhouse 10-piece Pool Playset

With Gabby and MerCat, kids will adore recreating their favorite poolside scenes from the Gabby’s Dollhouse series. Connect the slide ladder to the upper floor of Gabby’s Dollhouse for even more thrilling pretend play adventures, and then start a pool party with Cakey Cat and Pandy Paws and the rest of Gabby and MerCat’s Meow-mazing kitty friends (Dollhouse and additional figures sold separately).
Gabby's Dollhouse Pool Playset works with Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse
The free Gabby’s Dollhouse App (available for iOS and Android) contains a special reward. It can be unlocked by scanning the QR code inside the Dollhouse Delivery for one final surprise.

Prepare for endless adventures sliding and splashing with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset! Gabby’s Dollhouse stuffed animals, dolls, toy figures, and playsets are the ideal toys for kids who love using their imagination to create their own dollhouse world!

Gabby's Dollhouse Pool Playset - Color Changing Tails Gabby's Dollhouse Pool Playset - Discover Sunny Cat

What’s in the Box

1 Playset
1 Gabby Figure
1 MerCat Figure
1 Mermaid Tail
3 Pool Accessories
1 Opening Clam
1 Dollhouse Delivery
1 Octopus-Cat
1 Chip-art Disk
Netflix Gabby's Dollhouse

Key Points

Color-Changing Mermaid Tails: Both Gabby and MerCat feature mermaid tails that change color when they get wet!
2 Collectible Figures: The set includes exclusive Gabby Girl and MerCat figures! Authentic details and styling, so they look just like they do in the show.
Reveal a Surprise Accessory: Unbox your Dollhouse Delivery, just like Gabby does at the beginning of each episode, and Reveal a surprise accessory!
Works with Gabby’s Dollhouse: Set up the pool right outside the dollhouse or attach the slide ladder to the upper floor of the dollhouse. (Dollhouse and additional figures sold separately).

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Product Features and Highlights

Get ready for some cat-tastic fun in the sun with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Pool Playset!
Gabby and MerCat look just like they do in the show, dressed in their super-cute swimming outfits.
Squirt Gabby and MerCat with water, from Squiddy Kitty, to activate their color-changing mermaid tails.
Spend the day catching some rays with Gabby and MerCat as they slide and splash, or lounge in pool floats.
Gabby and MerCat can enjoy some well-deserved chill time in the Purr-ific pool!
Create a doll house world to help kids develop their own imagination through pretend play
– with everything from themed rooms and dollhouse furniture to toy figures and playsets,
Gabby’s Dollhouse preschool toys are great gifts for kids that love dolls, surprise toys, stuffed animals, jigsaw puzzles, and board games!
Recommended age: 3 years and up. Official licensed Gabby’s Dollhouse product!