Helping Heroes Fire Station

VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station Playset With Two Firefighters

With Helping Heroes Fire Station (by VTech), it’s time to jump into action. Firefighters Fiona and Frankie sleep, relax and work out in the multi-level fire station. Get ready for a rescue by checking the equipment and learning how to be a firefighter. When it’s time for action, drop Fiona or Frankie through the opening and into the mini-rescue vehicle. Transform the fire station into a fire truck and head out to be a hero.

Last update was on: May 15, 2024 8:32 pm

There’s a kitten stuck in a tree—put up the extension ladder! Place firefighters Frankie and Fiona on the Talking Point location to hear sound effects, music, and phrases about their roles as firefighters.

Lift the ladder to help the firefighters pretend to put out a fire, then transform the fire truck into a fire station with multi-level living spaces where Frankie and Fiona sleep, relax and work out. Hear 180+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases for exciting imaginative play.

Music and Sounds, Explore and Train and Rescue Mission play modes combine with three action buttons to create an imaginative and learning-packed play experience for little firefighters. Intended for ages 1.5-4 years. Requires 2 AA batteries. Batteries are included for demo purposes only. New batteries are recommended for regular use.

Developmental Benefits of this Vtech Fire Station Playset: Cause & effect, Problem-solving, Motor Skills, Imaginative play. Related Category Toy That Might Interest You: Heroes of Robloxia Playset, PJ Masks Seeker with Bonus Figures.

1. Move the Firefighters’ workout room up to reveal more living space.
2. Drop a Firefighter through the opening and into the Rescue Vehicle.
3. Put a Firefighter into the helicopter. Help is on the way!
4. Need more water? Spin the revolving Water Sprayer
5. Put a Firefighter onto the Extension Ladder that can be raised and lowered.
6. The Detachable Ladder stores on the fire truck
7. Flip the water splash during pretend training exercises.
8. Place the Firefighters in the driver’s and passenger’s seats.
9. Flip the bed down and place a Firefighter there to take a nap
10. Pretend to fuel up the vehicles with the included gas pump. If the gas pump becomes detached, it can be snapped easily back into place.
11. The fire truck door opens and closes. If the door becomes detached, it can be snapped easily back into place.

Help your little one save the day with the VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station. This station comes fully equipped with everything they need to keep the community safe. Press the light-up buttons for new play scenarios that will lead to hours of fun. This playset makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for toddlers and preschoolers.
VTech Helping Heros Fire Station is a 2020 new release but here is another great toy Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck from Paw Patrol.

Product Features & Highlights

• Be a helping hero on the fire truck with two firefighters and all its rescue equipment.
• Take the rescue vehicle and the helicopter on a rescue mission.
• Lift the top to transform the fire truck into a fire station with multi-level living spaces.
• Three play modes teach firefighters fun facts, play songs and melodies.
• Raise and lower the ladder to help firefighters go up and down.
• Spin the sprayer and press the pretend water hose to help put out the fire.
• Engage kids with training and rescue games.
• Place either firefighter on the Talking Point to hear sound effects, melodies, and songs, and to hear the characters talk.
• Requires 2 AA batteries; demo batteries included. New batteries are recommended for regular use.
• Intended for ages 1.5-4 years.

Last update was on: May 15, 2024 8:32 pm