Hey Clay Monsters Modelling Set

Hey Clay E73361 Monsters Set-Colourful Modeling Kids-Air Dry Clay Kit

The Hey Clay Monsters Set is a colorful and interactive air-dry clay kit designed to boost kids’ imagination and creativity.
Discover the joy of unlimited creativity with this colorful Hey Clay playset! This vibrant and soft modeling clay is great for sensory development and play-based learning. Developing fine motor skills as well as imagination and creativeness of your little one. Great mental exercise and learning the world of little Hey Clay E73361 Monsters Set at the same time.

Colorful moldable clay allows a kid to model any object the heart desires, like any fantasy, popular hero, trendy toy, decor elements, or fashion accessory. An adorable collection that keeps kids occupied for hours. The clay air dries and hardens within 24 hours, allowing kids to keep their creations as keepsakes or play with them in the future.
Meet the lovely Monsters in the App and mold every exclusive hothead with step-by-step instructions in the App. Discover how to whomp up each personage in a fun interactive way. Animate all characters: Terry, Pi, Cyclops, Bigwig, adorable Donut, and stylish Hipster – to set an adorable band together!

Design and Quality

The Hey Clay Monsters Set features vibrant and soft modeling clay that is easy to sculpt and mold. The clay is light, flexible, and non-sticky, providing a unique tactile experience for kids. It is also safe and non-toxic, making it suitable for children aged 3 and up. Each can of clay comes in a separate container, allowing for easy storage and multiple uses. The clay air dries and hardens within 24 hours, allowing kids to keep their creations as keepsakes or play with them in the future.
Hey Clay Monsters set includes 15 can of 15 cans of air-dry modeling clay

Features and Functionality


Fun Interactive App: Save on in-App content with a promo code (inside the package).
You get FREE Access to HEY CLAY App. It is a fascinating and inspiring guide to creative clay modeling for kids.
Light and Flexible Modeling Clay: Easy-to-sculpt clay gives a unique feeling, enjoyable on touch and smell, it is extremely soft, flexible and non-sticky
Super Bright Colors: 15 cans of modeling clay for unlimited creativity appeals to both boys and girls.
Creativity & Expression: Hey Clay Monsters is designed to spark your kid’s creative genius.
It inspires curiosity to discover various shapes and colors, and imagination to create own unique craft figures. When the creations are finished and dried, kids can play with them and collect toys and action figures. Molding tools for shaping and sculpting are provided.
Safe and Easy to Use: This air-dry clay is nontoxic, Does not stick to hands or stain other objects, the clay air-dries in 24 hours.
Each piece comes in a separate can for easy storage and sculpting multiple times.


The Hey Clay app is a fun and interactive guide to creative clay modeling for kids. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to mold each monster character, allowing kids to learn and create in an engaging way. The app features animations, funny moves, and professional voiceovers to keep kids entertained while they sculpt. Kids can also share their creations on social media, adding an extra element of fun and creativity to the experience. The app can be used on multiple devices with the same ID, making it accessible to the whole family.
View of the Hey Clay Monsters Modelling Box

Pros and Cons
of Hey Clay Monsters


– Inspires imagination and creativity.
– Promotes sensory development and fine motor skills.
– Interactive app provides step-by-step instructions and animations.
– Soft, flexible, and non-sticky clay for easy sculpting.
– A rainbow assortment of colors for unlimited creativity.
– Clay air dries and hardens, allowing kids to keep their creations.
– Safe and non-toxic clay that is easy to clean up.


– Limited amount of each color of clay in the set.
– Some in-app content may require additional purchases.
– App functionality may be limited on older devices.

Tips and Tricks for Users

– Use the molding tools to add details and texture to your clay creations.
– Experiment with mixing different colors of clay to create unique shades.
– Allow the clay to air dry for 24 hours before handling or playing with the finished creations.
– Store the clay in its original container at a moderate temperature to maximize its lifespan.

Package contains:

Interactive instructions to Hey Clay Monsters Set in App. Get full access with a promo code inside the box | 15 cans of modeling clay in various colors | Molding tools.
A fascinating and inspiring creative clay modeling for kids.


Q: Will my clay shrink when it dries? Will it crack?
A: Once the clay has dried for 24 hours, it will reduce in size by about 10% and will not crack.

Q: Does this clay dry hard or is it squishy?
A: The clay will still maintain some pliability and will not become as solid as ceramic material, but it will remain shaped and strong.

Q: Can I bake my clay creations to make them hard and permanent?
A: The Hey Clay is designed to air-dry and does not require baking or firing in a kiln.

Q: Is this clay safe? Is it wheat/gluten-free?
A: The Hey Clay is non-toxic and free of wheat and gluten. Adult supervision is recommended to prevent ingestion.

Q: How should I store the clay after opening?
A: It is best to store the clay in its original container at a moderate temperature and avoid exposure to heat or direct sunlight.
Hey Clay Monsters Modelling Set contains 15 cans of modeling clay

User Experiences and Testimonials

The Hey Clay modeling kit has received positive reviews from users. Many people find it to be superior to other air-dry modeling clays, as it is light, slightly rubbery when dry, and durable. One user’s granddaughter, aged 6, enjoyed using the clay to make various creations, although she did not follow the instructions provided. The clay feels spongy once dry. Users also appreciate the compatibility of the clay with the app, which provides instructions on how to make different animals. The clay is described as soft, stretchy, and easy to use, making it suitable for children. However, some users mention that there is not a large quantity of each color provided in the kit. Despite this, the overall consensus is that the clay is a great product that offers hours of fun and is easy to clean up.