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TechMods Accelo Gt by Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels TechMods merges both classic remote-control play and digital gaming to one. It creates a truly unique, dynamic experience for fans with innovation and cutting-edge tech. Build your own race car with an easy-to-assemble kit. Download the free app to drive the car with your smart device OR use your car as a physical controller to play in-app mini-games.

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June 9, 2024 12:24 pm
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It comes unassembled so you first build your RC vehicle. It uses Tank Steering so you can perform cool tricks. Use the companion app, choose an avatar, and create him… it’s really fun and immersive. TechMods Accelo Gt uses Bluetooth technology so you don’t have to worry much about the range as with RCs.

3 ways to drive the fun. Drive your RC vehicle in Free Drive mode or Treasure Hunt mode. Or switch to Car as Controller mode and use your physical car to drive a digital version.
In Treasure Hunt mode – Hunt for virtual treasures. When you find them, it has you perform a trick to dig up your treasure. So you play a little mini-game inside the game. You collect virtual points when you collect the treasures. The TechMods RC offers variable speeds – slow, normal, and fast. You can perform 360-spins and turns. And it reaches speeds up to 8-9 MPH on smooth surfaces. Lots of fun to drive!

With TechMods you can also play video games. In Car as a Controller Mode, your physical movement of the car is translated into digital. Thanks to its built-in accelerometer that communicates via Bluetooth. You can steer wherever you need to go to get your points. At any time, you can turn the physical car any way you want.

As of 2019 TechMods is the latest Hot Wheels innovation to smash through boundaries, so players can explore endless possibilities and adventures. Join this amazing historic ride of ultimate RC experience and speed full-throttle into the future of racing!

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The Pack Contents: You get everything you need to build your car for speed: 30 rivets, framework, splitter, NeoFlex body panels, engine module, 4 slicks, turbo wing, assembly tool, and USB charger. TechMods arrives in premium packaging, featuring a slickly designed box with eye-catching colors.

What’s in the App:
Get vehicle assembly instructions.
Select an avatar to be your companion and guide.
Customize your avatar with unlocked features.
Check out tutorials to help you rev up your game.
Keep track of your racing stats and rewards.

Simple steps to follow

DOWNLOAD: Download the free Hot Wheels TechMods app.
BUILD: Follow the instructions in the app to assemble your car.
DRIVE: Connect via Bluetooth and drive in 3 different modes.
GAME: Win games, earn rewards, and level up for hours of play.

User Manual Link here


Hot Wheels TechMods Highlights

• This smart RC kit offers a true physical to digital experience
• Build and customize the vehicle from the chassis up, then use a smart device to control it.
• 2 different ways to drive: RC Mode lets kids drive in Freeplay and In Controller Mode, the car itself lets kids control and win different mini-games and earn points. • Kids can redeem points and take on new challenges in the free TechMods App

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June 9, 2024 12:24 pm
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