JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 Building Set

JMBricklayer 70102 Astronaut Building Set, Spaceman Model with Display Stand, Flexible Model Kits

The JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 building toy is made with a cool semi-perspective structure that displays a cool half-human, half-mechanical shape. Unlike any other astronaut model, with more intricate details, such as the interior of the astronaut backpack, a blue oxygen tank, a soft tube connection, an electroplated helmet, a searchlight, etc. Investigate the design of space suits to get a sense of technology and science’s allure.

This stunning spaceman astronaut idea toy has more than 20 movable joints, including independently movable fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, and thighs. Designed with spherical joints, allowing for more flexible movement and the ability to adopt various poses. Satisfying building bricks fans’ love of astronauts’ ideas and space exploration themes to give builders hours of educational play.
JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 built model with prime features
The astronaut model is perfect for collecting and displaying to make sure every detail is spot-on. It has over 30% of the parts with a hand-painted metallic finish. A detachable base to hold the pose without any support. The information plaque included is the perfect complement to this wonderful series. Build your own space dreams with this spaceman astronaut model. JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 is a wonderful decorative item for a space enthusiast’s collection.

Enjoy the BuildAll 900 blocks, which are made of high-quality ABS plastic and are consistent, compatible, and simple to connect and disassemble. Comes with 90 pages of clear, labeled, individually wrapped, and colorful instructions. The instructions are easy to follow. They are colorful so that adults can make their own exciting creations in a short amount of time. Note: Adult assistance is required for children to assemble the toy.
JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 Spaceman Model with main element labels

Key Points

The combination of internal structure and external structures creates a great image of an astronaut.
The half-man, half-machine design reveals the real details of the astronaut’s construction.
JMBricklayer Spaceman 70102 is designed with spherical joint building blocks.
There are more than 20 movable details, making this astronaut model more playable, and creating various shapes.
The kit includes printed pieces to create an exquisite spaceman without stickers.
This art toy has both display value and collection value.
JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 - Back view and Measurements

Special Notes:

Electroplating Mask: The Mask is made with electroplating technology, which is as transparent as a mirror and has a great texture.
Fine Internal Structure: The exquisite internal hose, mechanical structure, and the amount of fine detail show the charm of aerospace technology.
Movable Parts: The shoulders of the astronaut can be lifted slightly, the elbow can be rotated, and the ten fingers are movable.
Also, the knee can be bent. A large number of these movable details make this astronaut model come alive.
Exquisite Nameplate: Comes with a buildable base with a fancy nameplate. Astronauts can be quickly fixed on or removed from the base.
This model Astronaut can also stand stably without the base.
Boy building JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 Spaceman Model

Product Features and Highlights

JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 Building Set contains 900 bricks that can be built into a movable astronaut model.
The set features an external and internal structure, making it a unique and engaging building experience.
More than 20 movable details increase the playability of building blocks.
Use ball joint blocks to make joint movement freer and easily create a variety of shapes.
The knees can be bent, elbows can be rotated, fingers can be moved, and the shoulder joint can be slightly lifted and rotated.
JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 - Main 4 features
The astronaut’s mask is as translucent as a mirror, adding a level of authenticity to the model.
Additionally, some printed pieces are included, adding to the model’s detail and originality.
The fine internal hose and mechanical structure showcase the charm of aerospace technology.
The set includes a detachable stand to which you can attach the astronaut.
The spaceman model measures 5in(L)x6.1in(W)x9.6in(H).
This spaceman model is an attractive display piece.
JMBricklayer Astronaut 70102 set is not only visually stunning, but they also boast exquisite workmanship.
Recommended for ages 8 9 10 11 12 and up.
Make it a perfect gift. This set is sure to captivate any young space enthusiast.