Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox Set with 10lbs of Kinetic Sand

10lbs of Kinetic Sand and Super Sandbox, Portable Sandbox with 10 Molds & Tools, Play Sand Sensory Toys

Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox with over 10lbs of sand creates the most epic sandcastles, celebrate beach day at home or while on the go. The Kinetic Super Sandbox Set comes loaded with 10lbs of squeezable sensory sand and 10 Castle-Themed Molds and Tools. This set is enough for your kids to make the most awesome sandcastles. Once done, they can squish and smash them, and start over again! When finally done, they can just pack it and put it away. Kids can always have an epic beach day no matter where they are with this Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox Set!

How To Play and Use Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox Set

It is one of the largest sandbox ever from Kinetic Sand. Full of creativity and mesmerizing fun. It’s resealable and you can take it everywhere you go. With 10 pounds of sand and 10 tools, create the most mesmerizing sandcastles, then squish and smush them. So much fun to have. Here are a few tips to have the maximum fun every time.
Always set the super sandbox set on a flat, stable surface, like a floor, dining table, or large coffee table. It is quite large, so adult help might be required. Whoa! This is awesome. So huge! Your set comes with the necessary tools and molds. One pound each of Green and Blue sand, and eight pounds of Brown sand.

First things first. Get the sand flowing. Play with it until it softens, so squeeze and squish flow, and fold. Once that’s done, you can build your sandcastle any way you want with the different sand colors and molds. There are wall molds, stair molds, straight and curved brick molds, and tower and turret molds. You can use all or just a few of them. This part is so much fun. Use your creativity and imagination to create awesome castles. So mesmerizing and satisfying.

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When you’re done creating your epic castle, play rescue the prince and princess. Oh no, a fire-breathing dragon has captured the prince and princess and locked them in a castle. They must be rescued. Make small sandballs and load them into the catapult. Now fire… Good work, you rescued the prince and princess and they lived happily ever after.

Kinetic Sand is kinetic – meaning it sticks to itself, but not your fingers. It is soft and stretchy, great for touch and sensory play. This magic sand oozes, moves, and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid but leaves them completely dry. Thus making clean-up super easy. Kinetic sand never dries or hardens. You can create anything you can imagine over and over again. Mold and build endless creations with the Kinetic Sand and Create impressive pieces of sand art with great detail!

The set includes: 1lb of green Kinetic Sand | 1lb of blue Kinetic Sand | 8lb of brown Kinetic Sand | 10 multi-use molds and tools (1 tower mold, 1 wall mold, 1 stairs mold, 1 straight brick mold, 1 curved brick mold, 1 turret mold, 1 scoop and knife tool, 1 shifter & rake tool) | 1 dragon character | 1 catapult | 1 folding Super Sand Box | 1 instruction sheet.
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Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox - The one & Only. Kids with Kinetic sand in their hands

Features and Highlights of Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox

• Kinetic Sand for kids is the original, squeezable play sand kids love!
• Fluff the sensory toy sand, feel it flow through fingers like slow-moving liquid!
• Create epic sandcastles and sand art again and again in this Super Sandbox Set that’s 3 feet long!
• Use your portable SandBox as a play space and fold it up when you’re done
• The Super Sandbox Set Kinetic Sand kit has everything you need to create epic sandcastles!
• Kids can play out adventures with the dragon and catapult
• Use the molds to create walls, bridges, stairs, and towers. Use the tools to cut, dig, and shovel!
• Includes 1lbs of green, 1lbs of blue, and 8lbs of brown kinetic sand!
• Mix two or more colored sand together to discover new colors or layer the colors for mesmerizing creations!
• Kinetic Sand kids toys are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for sand art and kids’ craft!
• It’s made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten, and casein-free
• Satisfying oozes, moves, and melts! Never dries out, Easy to clean: sticks to itself, not to your fingers
• Kinetic Sand kits and playsets are great gifts for kids ages 3 and up!