Lamaze 3 in 1 Airtivity Center

Lamaze Airtivity Center (3-in-1) – Floor Play, Table Play & Game Play

Lamaze 3 in 1 Airtivity Center is all powered by air and begins as a floor toy. This developmental toy promotes visual development, tactile processing, fine and gross motor skills, and problem-solving. Not to mention, it’s fun! From fun fishtail flips to spinning starfish, floating sea creatures, and more, there’s always something fun to learn, and play, with this Airtivity Center! Who knew playing with air would be so much fun? Lamaze did! Winner of the 2020 JPMA Innovation Award in the Play and Entertainment category.

The Lamaze Airtivity Center is designed to keep the baby exploring and developing starting around 6 months and all the way up to 3 years. As your baby begins to sit up, usually around 6 months, the Airtivity Center begins as a floor toy. Encourage your baby to feel the air blowing on the top of this unique activity center.

Show your baby how the floating seaweed waves in the air or how the starfish spins. The happy whale at the center of this activity center has a spinning spout of “water” too! Ask them to find the swimming fish and encourage them to use their fingers to push the button on the fishbowl to stop and start the fish swimming in their little aquarium. Watch as the sea creatures magically “swim” around the ocean-themed table, all powered by air. Babies love the feel of blowing air and there are plenty of activities for them to explore.

Lamaze Main features:
– Engaging activities for babies learning to sit up
– The right height for starting to stand or getting ready to walk
– Encourages problem-solving with interactive play

As your child grows, insert the legs to turn the Airtivity Center into the perfect height activity table for babies who are experimenting with standing or getting ready to master walking. They can move around (and around) the table for 360 degrees of air-powered play as they explore the different activities. Learning through play develops gross motor skills and problem-solving skills while encouraging movement and other key developmental milestones. Developed with the experts at Lamaze, the Airtivity Center is specially designed for this too! Gameplay starts as your child learns how to flip the fish’s tail to move the different floating sea creatures around the table. Hit the bubbles at the right time and get rewarded with fun lights, music, and surprise ocean sounds. It’s like a deep-sea air hockey game! There’s even a handy pocket built-in next to the fish to store the sea creatures.

There are more than eight different ways to play that your little one can discover, and each is designed to encourage different areas of development as your child grows. The Airtivity Center promotes visual development, tactile processing, fine and gross motor skills, and problem-solving. From sitting to standing play and fun game time, the Lamaze Airtivity Center does it all in an innovative way that will delight children and their parents alike!
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Product Features & Highlights

• First of its kind, this activity center engages your child through air-powered play.
• 3-In-1 fun play: Floor play for babies, Table play to stand & walk, and Gameplay.
• Little ones will love exploring all the different features of this baby activity center.
• Watch as babies discover how to move toys using air power!
• Teach babies learning to sit, then stand and walk, and Gameplay when baby grows a bit older.
• Promotes visual development, tactile processing, fine motor skills, and problem-solving.
• Do activities like Fun fishtail flips to spinning starfish, floating sea creatures, and much more.
• This baby interactive toy has fun, fishy characters that promote cognitive development.
• Encouraging children to use whole body movement that supports strength and balance.
• Lights & Sound, Bright colors, and contrasting patterns to engage and stimulate your little one.
• Winner of a 2020 JPMA Innovation Award in play and entertainment category.
• Recommended for age: 6 months and older.